Reasons for poor sleep there are thousands: work, mortgage, that series that has you so hooked that you could not avoid swallowing three chapters in a row, the origin of the universe … The fact is that just sound the alarm and have the feeling that you have barely slept four hours. However, calm, we have a number of tricks to compensate the sleep you need.

1. Avoid the temptation to delay the alarm a few more minutes

In the background, you are not doing any good to press the “snooze” button, the ally of late risers. Nine more minutes of sleep that you pay very expensive, because you will subtract time to wake up well and only provide you with very poor quality sleep.

Sleep Better2. Open the curtains and greet the sun

Let the sunshine in, open the curtains without fear, the end of the day you are not a vampire, and let your body benefit from the effects of sunlight (quiet, will not become ash) and melatonin that occurs in your body, a hormone that helps you feel more awake.

3. A shower

Okay, we know that we are in winter. However, you are not asking you to bathe in a river in the Pyrenees. Only after showering as does every day, take about thirty seconds under cold water. Will stimulate and activate your circulation.

4. Exercise

Really? I cannot believe we are proposing this, but it turns out to exercise early in the morning improves your blood circulation, and blood circulation butt, your attention improvement.

5. Shadow here, shadows there

A good makeup can do for you much more than a cup of coffee, especially if caffeine is a cosmetic. In addition, if you have dark circles that come to you to the ground they use tricks that never fail a white pencil to mark the inside of the eye or a lipstick in a very striking color.

6. Drink coffee, but do not overdo it

There is nothing like a cup of coffee in the morning. On that, we all agree. However, scientists agree that much coffee will not do any good and with two cups will not get the effect you want. Unless what you seek is get shaky and hysterical.

7. Water much more water

Experts do not get tired of selling the benefits of being well hydrated, but in the days, that you drink plenty slept badly is crucial. In addition, if it is very cold, the better. It will keep you awake and alert (and without that, you have to take the head).

8. Eat breakfast head

The days when you slept little seems that a breakfast rich in sugar and fat it can compensate. However, it is only a temporary solution that does not do you any good, especially when the sugar rush paste. Choose healthy proteins and whole grains and avoid all heavy foods, causing the urge to take a nap.

9. Create a list Clock in Spotify

If you are one of the lucky ones who can listen to music at work, do yourself a list of sugarcane music, you put the batteries and do not amerce. Nothing ballads or classical music.

10. Give the shoe

After lunch, you will begin to pay more lack of sleep. If it is the last thing you feel like it, go outside for a walk. The fresh air combination + sunlight + exercise help to encourage.

11. Do not try to make up for lost time

After a bad night’s sleep, the temptation to sleep twelve hours at a stretch is very large, but it is best to try to follow your usual routine (the throw you up late watching TV not, please) and sleep your seven or eight hours.