How we like chocolate! Even so, it is one of the first things we take out of our diet when we want to take care of ourselves a little more or when we want to lose weight. But beware, because not all chocolates are the same : dark chocolate with a high concentration of cocoa (here, yes: the more, the better) and the defatted cocoa powder are good options to include in your diet.

13 recipes with defatted cocoa so you can include it in your dishesThen we leave you some recipes in which you can include the defatted cocoa and enjoy the chocolate flavor, what is your favorite?

Obviously most of the recipes are desserts or snacks that you can take both after meals and between hours, with sweet flavor. For some of them we propose some modification that can make it healthier . Bon Appetite!

  • Pannacotta with cocoa. Recipe without sugar: the traditional Italian dessert in its sugar-free version, and in which we can use it for the sauce that accompanies black chocolate or defatted cocoa that we will dissolve in liquid cream. A cool dessert that lasts a couple of days in the fridge.
  • Cocoa and banana muffins: the recipe for these muffins carries 20 grams of cocoa without sugar or defatted, and the flour used can be changed to oatmeal (if you do not have it at home, you can make it yourself by passing the whole oatmeal flakes blender.
  • Bundt Cake of hazelnuts, yogurt and cocoa: the original recipe contains cocoa powder (which we can change for defatting) and enough sugar, which we can change for a few dates or a ripe banana, which serve us equally to sweeten.
  • Banana and apple pizza: if there is someone who pineapples a salty pizza, why not try other fruits in a sweet pizza? We will use the defatted cocoa and we can avoid the spoonful of white sugar, because with the sweetness of the fruit it is usually enough.
  • Juicy brownie without flour and without gluten: in this recipe we only have to make sure that the chocolate we use to make it has a high percentage of cocoa (you know, the more, the better) and again the sugar we can change it for a few dates that we will pass for the blender.
  • Vegan chocolate and coffee cake: it does not carry eggs or dairy, but it uses defatted cocoa. The sugar, again, we can change it for chopped fruits, and instead of the glacé sugar cover we can sprinkle nuts through the blender.
  • Avocado truffles: one of the most curious recipes that I have found and that I am willing to try. Look for a ripened avocado (that is malleable and not like a stone), good quality dark chocolate and cocoa powder, and you do not need anything else!
  • Chocolate and rye sponge cake: this recipe does not contain oil, egg or dairy (it is suitable for vegans), but it does contain sugar (you can try it here to replace it with a splash of honey) and a splash of sweet liquor that we can eliminate without problem we do not want to throw it out Another option to replace the glacé sugar in the cover can be sliced raisins, which will also provide a point of sweetness.
  • Creamy chocolate and avocado mousse: who would have thought that the avocado had so much room in desserts? just a couple of things to keep in mind in this recipe: chocolate to melt better that has a high content of cocoa, almond milk controlled ingredients that do not have added sugar (and the higher percentage of almonds, the better) and the cocoa, which is defatted.
  • Nutella Express Truffles: to make this recipe we will need our original recipe of Nutella without sugar and without palm oil , which we will use instead of the original Nutella. For the rest, we just have to follow the instructions: with crushed hazelnuts they are to die for.
  • Chocolate and avocado fondant cake: at this point we already know that the avocado marries very well with cocoa when we talk about homemade pastries. Here, as in the previous cakes, try to make the chocolate as pure as possible and change the sugar for a healthier alternative, such as banana.
  • Chocolate and orange vegan cakes: a simple recipe in which we combine the bitter of cocoa and the sweet of the orange, which is the most characteristic of both ingredients. To sweeten, we can change the sugar for crushed raisins or crushed dried apricots, there are many options!
  • Chia and chocolate pudding with yogurt: a recipe that can be a perfect dessert or a sweet breakfast. If we use honey to sweeten, sugar is no longer necessary: remember that the ideal is to lower our threshold of sweetness to re-appreciate the original taste of food.