If you want to put your body in the form of face to summer, you must know that one of the muscle groups that responds best is the legs, the protagonists of the lower train that today we propose to work with 17 exercises without any equipment, therefore, you can train with the following movements wherever you are.

17 exercises to work your legs without any equipmentStrides and Squats

These are two basic muscle trainings for the lower train that require a great effort to our body, therefore, you can not stop including these exercises and their variants in your leg routine.

We propose to carry out the following movements:

  • Classic squats
  • Classic strides
  • Lateral strides : in the classic stride the forward and flexed leg is just in front of the body, but in this variant that works adductors and abductors in addition to quadriceps and femoral we must flex and move one leg to one side of the body, where we must support everything the weight thereof.
  • Squats with jump or jump squat : when we return to the starting position to stand up we do with a jump that dampens when falling back into the squat position.
  • Jump lunge or scissor lunge
  • Pistol squat or squat to one leg
  • Isometric squat : we can perform it against a wall where we will support the back, or not. It consists of holding the classic squat position for a few seconds.
  • Isometric stride: in a classic stride position, hold the position a few seconds before changing legs and perform the same contraction.

These basic exercises performed in their classic form and with the aforementioned variants will allow a complete work of the legs and buttocks, especially, quadriceps and femoral.

Exercises to strengthen legs and burn calories

If in addition to working the muscles of your legs you are looking to burn calories , we propose to perform the following movements:

  • Skater jump
  • Running man jump : standing with one leg resting on the floor in front of the other, whose knee must be flexed, extend the leg behind and with a jump we carry the same to the chest by flexing the knee. Repeat as many times as we want and change leg forward.
  • Broad jump
  • Sprawl : Standing, with legs shoulder width apart and knees slightly bent, we should lower the body to a squat or squat position and placing the palms of the hands on the floor, in front of the body, extend the legs back and with a jump return to the starting position as shown.
  • Lateral Squats Thrust : In an iron position, with the whole body lined up from head to toe, with hands and toes resting on the ground, we begin by jumping with both feet together towards one side of the body and returning to the center aligning the body to jump back to the opposite side.

With these movements you can work power as well as toning your legs and burning calories without any equipment, wherever you are.

Other Exercises

In order to work abductors, adductors, twins, quadriceps and femoral , thus achieving a complete work of the lower body, we propose in addition to the previous exercises, the following movements:

  • Hip thrust
  • Extended leg circle: standing up we can perform this movement that consists of taking one leg off the ground and with the knee extended, making a circle with the whole leg beginning with the foot up and forward, then towards the side of the body while it is directed towards back and back to the starting position.
  • Floor heel rises
  • Foot touch to one leg

With these 17 leg exercises without any equipment you can tone your muscles for the summer and achieve the lower train you have always wanted.

Remember that in addition to training, it is always advisable to take care of diet and rest if we want to enhance the results of our exercise.