The strides or lunge are a great movement that we can do without any equipment to work, in its most basic form, the lower body train. However, we also propose to incorporate some variations of it to work wherever you are, much more than glutes and legs.

Vary your strides

The first thing is to learn a good execution technique of this exercise and progress slowly towards the most basic variants as you can see in the following video:

That is, the first thing is to get a good static stride, while later we can perform the front stride, advancing only one foot, to later incorporate displacement, change of directions and even, elevations in the support points as you can see in the last exercise of the previous video.

Once we achieve a good technique in the most basic variants of this complete exercise, we propose to incorporate some of the most intense variations that not only allow to work quadriceps, femoral and buttocks, but also, core muscles and cardio to burn calories and gain power besides strength with its realization.

Thus, we can raise the knee of the displaced leg or the other to work abdomen, add trunk turns in each stride to request the obliques or also, incorporate several jumps to achieve plyometric strides and work power while burning calories.

We can also combine two exercises, that is, perform strides and join the same with a kick of the buttocks or with a crunch to work even more glutes and abdomen, respectively.

My favorite is the variant called in the video “switch lunge” that can be seen at 45 seconds of the video and that really produces a major muscle congestion. I tried it and the combination of jumping without extending the legs to change from one to another stride produces a real and intense work of the lower train that also allows you to burn calories.

Always, it is essential to perform a good warm-up before starting work, but the most important thing is to take care of the technique of each exercise or in this case, of each step variation we make, wherever we are.

There are no excuses not to train in summer! These strides can be done only with your body, and away from the gym, wherever you are.