We have spoken on countless occasions about Kettlebells and kettlebells and we have highlighted many exercises in which we can use them. But in many cases we still do not understand its operation well at all, since it is necessary to keep in mind that they are not a dumbbell to use, and as such have some special connotations. It is important to take note to use them properly and make the most of the routines performed with them.

The morphology of a Kettlebell is simple, since it is a weight with a circular shape. The entire load is centralized at one point, not at two, as is the case with conventional dumbbells. In addition, it is provided with a handle or circular grip that covers all the weight, but the load is slightly displaced to facilitate the propulsion. In this way the Russian weight has a more compact shape with more stable weight, because with a single grip we lift all the weight at once. But this, although it seems simple, it is not so much and that is why it is necessary to have a guide to use it.

Approach to the shape of a kettlebell

In the first place we are going to stop in ** its somewhat special form ** and especially in what we mentioned previously about the weight, since having it slightly displaced with respect to the grip have some peculiarities. First of all it is designed to give us more ballistic propulsion that will help us when making elevations. But this means that the weights seem heavier than dumbbells, and therefore it is necessary to work with them and the stability of the core is high. We must remain stable and control the movements we are going to carry out at all times.

Parts of a Russian dumbbell

To analyze a little better the shape of the kettlebells we are going to shear its parts …

  • First of all we have the base or charge. It is the area that has a ball shape and is where most of the cargo that we will raise is concentrated. This is the gravitational point of the Russian weight and it is the one that is displaced with respect to the grip. It is simply the resistance that we must overcome. We can not grab it and it should always be hanging.
  • In second place would be the handle that comes out on both sides of the weight. In the handle we first recognize the upper part which is the most usual grip and is what is known as the handle itself. In this area is where we will grab for ballistic movements or exercises in motion. It is the part that allows us more mobility because it can slide in the hand making the weight move without complications.
  • The other part of the handle are the sides, which are known as horns. We have two, and grabbing it from this part causes the charge to deviate even more. It is a good place to grab for exercises such as squats in which we hold the Kettlebell upside down, in the shape of a chalice. For any exercise in which we hold it upside down, this will be the grip we are going to use.

Importance of the position when using the kettlebells

Because of the aforementioned, the position is very important when working with the Kettlebells. The stability must be greater and for that reason it is necessary that we control perfectly the movement that we are going to make. Strengthening our body by loading the weight on the heels, placing the shoulders back and low will be necessary to develop more strength and more effective movement. The same thing happens with dolls, that you do not have to bend them at any time. They will simply be the nexus of union with the grip, which should rotate on the hand without the wrists developing any tension, thus avoid risks of injury.

Exercises for those who adapt better

Knowing this, it is necessary to keep in mind when to use them. They are ideal for explosive exercises in which we want to involve the whole body. Above all, they are used for swinging and gripping movements. In the vertical presses of shoulder it is also a good option, because it allows us to block well and strengthen us in the lower part, while the weight moves to the top without creating imbalances or false movements. For other exercises such as biceps curls or triceps or shoulder lifts, they are good for their ergonomics if we use small loads. In the case of using heavier loads it is better to resort to traditional dumbbells because we can get hurt, because we tend to move the wrists and the Kettlebells are not as effective.