Usually when training we use traditional techniques in which we use free weights, machines or any other tool that allows us to perform a series of exercises that will help us develop our muscles. So this time we want to stop in a modality in which we will serve as a single element to train the whole body and work all these qualities, it is the dynamic training with rubber.

For this modality we will need gums of great thickness that are a mixture between the traditional rubber and the ropes of the whole life, only that the thickness is raised so that the resistance and the usabilidad are majors. Although it is true that in the market we can find different types of thickness and resistance, depending on what we want to achieve with our training routine. With these gums basically what we will get will be to work the dynamic body force, the eccentric force, the explosive force, the resistance and the coordination.

Benefits of Dynamic Rubber TrainingEccentric strength, the best strength for muscles

Surely many wonder how with a few gums we can work. The answer lies in the eccentric force exerted by the elasticity of the gums themselves. It will depend a lot on its strength and thickness. Precisely this eccentric force that develop these gums are those that have a faster, effective and direct effect on our muscles. The performance on our part will be greater than when we work with concentric forces, since in this case the resistance is greater and involves more muscle groups in the activity.

Movements measured, and more controlled

This eccentric force developed by the rubber is the key to its attractiveness, and is that in addition, by working as well each movement will be more measured and controlled on our part, which will lead us to perform a safer workouts and avoid injuries. In addition, training with this system will allow people with reduced mobility to work also their body and thus improve their mobility and quality of life.

Elevated development of muscle power

Do not forget that each and every one of the exercises that we are going to carry out with these gums have a high component of power at muscular level, so the work that we are going to carry out will require a high muscular intensity, but a Low energy cost. This will allow us to work much better the muscles, train them more intensely and thus accelerate our metabolism and achieve very good results in the long run.

Work of power and speed in running

We must not forget that also with the rubber we can work the power and speed in racing, since there are specific exercises to achieve this with training. An important point is that this way of training is accessible to everyone, since in addition to there being different thicknesses of rubber that will exert an eccentric force or another, we can perform the exercises adapted to our needs and physical form at any time. Hence it is a perfect ally to get very good results and to alternate with traditional training.