The turkey has a chance in any dish, always looks good. And it is one of the most nutritious foods that we can find, not to mention that it tastes delicious. But here are not benefits of turkey meat, if we are unable to give a comprehensive list convince us consume more regularly if possible.

Main benefits of turkey meat for health

Turkey meat is a source of zinc, a mineral that contributes to some of the most important functions that are performed in the body. On the other hand, also it prevents acne odious because it regulates the activity of the sebaceous glands and is involved in collagen synthesis.

Benefits of turkey meatThe cholesterol content in turkey meat is very low, while iron is high.

Prevents the occurrence of cardiovascular disease so we recommend our table away from red meat to substitute the turkey or chicken.

If the turkey suffer insomnia can be a perfect contribution since it has tryptophan, an essential amino acid that regulates serotonin segregation.

Another advantage of the benefits of turkey meat is, according to various studies, prevents cancer. This is because it contains selenium, a chemical element that is capable of halving the mortality rate for cancers colon, breast, prostate and lung.

In addition, the turkey is rich in proteins, which are essential for the proper functioning of the body and help the body repair itself, defend itself against infection and produce new cells, being a booster for the immune system.

It is highly recommended that children eat turkey because this food promotes growth and is a source of energy.

As we see, the intake of turkey meat only brings positive effects, which would be ideal as we were including in our diet healthy dish.