Usually office tasks or in front of a screen, are usually precisely sedentary and not at all favorable to maintain a good body composition, however, there are technological advances that help weight loss by training the brain to resist the temptation.

Psychologists have designed a computer game that has as its main function the inhibitory control of users along with a mobile application that fights unhealthy impulses before they attack.

Computer games that help control eating and prevent obesityTrain the brain to avoid temptation

The game is designed to enhance a person’s inhibitory control by the brain that stops them from giving in to unhealthy cravings, even when the smell of some appetizing and unhealthy food draws a lot of attention. Researchers are testing whether a new phone application and a computer game can change behaviors.

The training game, called DietDash, first requires participants to reveal the types of sugary foods they eat most often. They are then assigned to one of four versions of a game that suits your diet. For example, if someone lists chocolate sodas and cookies, those items will appear in the game.

Players are instructed to press certain keys to respond to different types of images, including pictures of tasty sugary foods and healthy food photos. When the inhibitory control of the player improves, the game increases their speed , so they are instructed to play eight minutes a day for six months.

An application that monitors your weight

Second, in addition to the game, there is a weight loss application called DietAlert, which collects information about the eating habits of users and uses a mathematical algorithm to determine when they are more likely to expire their diet plans.

For example, the application may conclude that a person is more likely to eat junk food after lunch when breakfast has been skipped, as the app learns about someone’s patterns, an alert or warning is sent To offer help to the user.

One of the problems or difficulties in designing a diet plan is due to the inability to determine the factors that continue to cause problems in users, so this application can be quite useful.