You wake up just in time to go to work, or time when you set foot on the floor and you shower on the last thing you think about is eating food. We get it, but if not early in the morning, at least you’d have to eat something before starting the day really.

Skipping breakfast is a bad habit that you can take its toll over time. A study published in the journal Circulation (the official journal of the American Heart Association – HEART) explains to stop eating the first meal of the day can increase the risk of heart disease.

Those responsible for conducting the study were researchers from the Department of Nutrition School of Public Health at the University of Harvard in Boston (Massachusetts), who have determined that skipping breakfast often raises the risk of heart attack or disease fatal coronary.

Do not skip breakfast!

But that is not the only evil in the long term, it can also be a risk factor for having obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol or diabetes; and these diseases are those that, ultimately, can be completed in a heart attack.

The published study has also shown that people who stop taking breakfast have a 27% increased risk of heart attack or death from coronary heart disease than those who do not. So it is so important to accustom your body to drink before starting the day.

Profiles which do not eat breakfast:

The most repeated over research profiles were young people likely to smoke, with a full time job, usually single and also participated in less physical activity and more alcohol than any other group studied. These were also sleeping less and watched more television.

In addition, respondents who dined later in the evening were to have a 55% increased risk of coronary heart disease than those did not.

The data are reliable because they were collected for 16 years and were used as models to almost 27000 men between 45 and 82 years.

They were engaged in the health profession (doctors, nurses, pharmacists, pediatricians, etc.) and they represented a good quality of life and economic and intellectual situation that allowed them to have enough information about the risks of not leading a healthy life.

At the end of 16 years of study 1,527 participants suffered a heart attack. So, although there is a majority, the fact is that the risks of skipping breakfast and there are experts who can all affect our body get used to eating these foods first.

There are many varieties and types of healthy foods to prepare breakfast, avoiding saturated fats and excess sugar. It is best to prepare something light, to provide vitamins (such as fruit or juice natural) and also some proteins and carbohydrates.

A good way to, start the day? Try a fruit juice Natural (orange or whatever you like) and a nut with a bowl of whole grain or oats. You have energy until lunchtime and not devour in the next “gastronomic” pause.