In addition to beer as such and summer red, one of the most consumed drinks on the beach during this season is the clear one. If you drink a cold clear every summer afternoon, you should know what we show next.

How a beer is made

The clear one owes its name to the tonality of the drink, that is elaborated mixing beer with a soft drink of lemon habitually although it can be any other sugary refreshment or juice that returns more sweet the bitter flavor own of the hops of the beer.

It also receives the name of Shandy, Radler, pica or others depending on the bar or the place where we place ourselves and until now, the proportion of beer and soda depended to a large extent on these factors as well as on the person responsible for its preparation.

However, a new regulation indicates that a clear one is a mixture of any type of beer with soda, with refreshing flavored drink, or with refreshing drinks of fruit juices with exclusive citrus organoleptic character, but the percentage of beer must exceed 50 %, and its alcohol content greater than 0.5% by volume .

Thus, the clear is a mixture derived from beer with sweeter taste and less alcohol than traditional beer.

The nutrients and calories of a clear

Because it is a beer mixed with soda, the alcohol content that contributes 7 Kcal per gram is reduced , which is why many consider the light one a lighter and healthier option than the beer itself. However, we should not forget the sugars that we add to the glass when we mix beer with juice or soda .

A serving of 300 ml of beer white contributes around 54 Kcal , while the same amount of traditional beer contributes an average of 120 Kcal.

However, we should always look beyond calories , because beer is one of the best-tasting alcoholic beverages, with no sugar in its composition, but the clear one does have added sugar as well as alcohol.

To be clear, the traditional beer has around 4% of hydrates, but 0% sugar, while the white one has an average of 4% of added sugars typical of the soft drink that is included in its preparation.

On the other hand, beer is a source of antioxidant polyphenols derived from hops, potassium, magnesium and B complex vitamins, which in the case of white are reduced by using this drink in smaller proportions for its preparation.

In conclusion, a clear can be much less caloric than a traditional beer, but in terms of quality leaves much to be desired by providing sugar and alcohol mainly without almost minerals, vitamins and antioxidants.

A healthier option

Although we have the possibility to drink a clear one as it is prepared in the bar or as it is sold in the supermarket, it is always a better option to elaborate a healthier white at home .

If we remove the alcohol so as not to add this component that can harm health and aesthetics and also try to reduce the amount of added sugars using sugarless soda or natural lemon juice and carbonated water sweetened with stevia , we can achieve a Clear beer much healthier.

Using beer without alcohol that conserves the good nutrients of the traditional beer but with fewer calories we can sweeten it with lighter alternatives or without added sugars like those before to protect the health and taste this popular summer drink without any guilt or greater limits, then there will be no alcohol or sugar to moderate.

We must not forget that alcohol even in minimal proportions is harmful to healthand that sugar, the less better, therefore, the beer white is not a great friend of the care of our body , but on the contrary can hinder the achievement of a body in form.