A healthy visa is closely linked to cancer prevention and therefore food is important to reduce the risk of developing this disease and even can help improve the quality of life of those already suffering from cancer, but only diet you can not cure this condition.

Feeding is important to prevent, but she alone can not cure cancerPrevent better than cure

A diet rich in fruits and vegetables reduces the risk of developing cancer, while a diet low in fiber, with excess alcohol, processed meats and with almost no antioxidants is always a factor that predisposes to the development of this degenerative disease according to the World Health Organization Health.

So take care of food is essential if we are to prevent cancer and for this reason, the “anti – cancer recipes” Odile Fernandez have been so well received in recent days. However, one for healthier diet that is can not cure this disease, because unfortunately there is even an effective treatment in this regard.

Also, nutritional counseling and care of the diet as an accompaniment to the different treatments of cancer (surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy) is always favorable to reduce symptoms, improve food intake and protect the nutritional status of those affected, as well as improve The quality of life of them.

For this reason, food should not be neglected and under proper lifestyle, it can be the key to prevent and monitor cancer treatment. Above all, we must consider the adequate intake of fruits and vegetables, cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli and red fruits are the most linked to cancer prevention because of its high concentration in antioxidants.

However, we should not overstate their benefits or “buy” the idea that certain foods, dishes and / or eating habits can cure cancer , as this is as deceptively minimal and can trigger the consumption of products or miracle diets and behaviors that are not Will produce the desired effects.

A healthy diet can reduce the risk of developing the disease but it should be clear that food can not cure cancer , but only be a good complement to treatment.