The medical ball or ball is one of the most useful implements or accessories available to us when it comes to training. It allows us to move in a simple way in the three dimensions of space, without limiting our movements too much, and we have it available with different weights to suit our needs. In addition, it can act as a means to create instability if we place it under a support (under one of the hands in the push-ups, for example).

Five different workouts to do with a medicine ballIf you have a medical ball to train but you do not know very well how to use it, we leave you these five training that will give you many ideas.

15-minute full-body circuit

Do you only have 15 minutes to train? Take advantage of them with this whole body circuit in which we maximize the work of the core thanks to the medical ball. Special mention for climbers on a medicine ball at 11:50 a minute, which will give us the pulsations through the clouds.

Circuit with equilibrium work

One of the best ways to work the proprioception and to activate the deep musculature of the abdomen is monopodal work or on a single support. If we add an implement such as the medicinal ball, which forces us to keep the muscles of the arms activated, we will have a very complete job that we can do anywhere.

Eye, because the ball used in this bounces : this is not the usual in the medical balls. If you want to make the slamballs (the exercise in which we throw the medicine ball against the ground) make sure to place a thick mat under you to avoid causing damage.

Training circuit to perform at home

Another advantage of the medicine ball is that we do not need much space to work with it. We will only need a mat where we lie down, and make sure that we can extend our arms in all directions and there is nothing to hinder us.

To emphasize in this training, in the minute 4:00, the stand-up with medicine ball. In this case, the ball helps us rather than hinder the exercise, as it collaborates to take back momentum to lift us.

Training focused on abdominal work

Three exercises are enough to put our abdomen in tune with this medical ball training. Both standing and lying, and with only the use of a wall and a mat, we can get a training for our central area.

Eye to the first exercise of the series, passing the medical ball under the legs, which helps us to work our coordination, one of the physical qualities that we usually leave aside and that can be very useful to practice all kinds of sports.

Special Training for MMA

Our latest training is dedicated to those MMA practitioners who want to improve their central control and get stronger punches. We can not forget that, as indicated by the serape effect, all our movements begin and end in our center, so a strong core is decisive for any kind of movement.

With these five you already have a lot of material to put together your own medical ball circuits. Let’s take advantage of all the materials we have at our disposal to work and make our workouts fun and effective.