Sometimes we think that for cardiovascular exercise (“burn fat”) you have to invest a lot of time, you need equipment or you have to leave the house to run, go on a bike or do other types of aerobic activity. However there are also simple formulas for doing cardiovascular exercise at home with very little equipment.

Five good cardio exercises for home and without machinesExercise should be included in a more general routine, but for those who hide in lack of time, money, material or excess obligations, it is not wrong to remind them that with a little exercise a day their health and their Mood will notice a positive change, and that you can do aerobic exercise at home with very few requirements.

  • Jump rope : Who says rope says a rope that we adapt for this use. Of course, do not forget to choose the proper length of the rope. Cheapest impossible, although buying a combo is not that it is very expensive. Skipping is an exercise that requires coordination of movement, balance, strength and endurance. It is a very effective way to do intense exercise, needing little time and a minimum of material. In vitónica you can read more about jumping rope in this article.
  • Jumping Jacks : A classic. Simple but effective. The exercise we did as a child in Physical Education class, and that comes out in almost all the military training films … It is an exercise in which, standing, you have to jump and separate the legs while giving a Pat on the head, then jump back and join the legs, putting the hands down again, along the body. I think I have explained it in a way that is understood.
  • Burpees : It is an exercise that more than one will already know, even fear. It is a demanding exercise, because it is very open to variations and to include more and more demands. Be part of standing position, you crouch, you throw to the floor doing a flex of arms, from that position you reincorporate, you stand, and you jump vertica. Repeat and repeat, and you’ll see how you start to sweat.
  • Mountain climbers : The climber’s exercise . It is recommended to start slowly to learn the technique, then increase the speed.
  • Jumping with the knees to the chest : The name says it all. Standing with his legs shoulder-width apart, he leaps up, raising his knees as if we want to carry them to his chest. Repeat with caution not to disturb the neighbor below if it is nap time.

Everything is to the taste of the consumer. You can do one of the previous exercises in isolation, or combine several to do a training program. As in any exercise, at the beginning you will have to start slowly, acquiring the mechanics and technique of the exercise well , then increase the intensity, reduce the rest time, etc.

To progress the progression you can combine these or other exercises that use the body weight within a HIIT cycle. We have an example in this article on HIIT at home . It is a good way to train several muscle groups doing HIIT with very little need for equipment, using items that we usually have at home, or that are easy to get.

There are many more examples to work on cardio at home. What happens to you that seems useful to you to highlight?