Lately in large cities they are being given many warnings by high levels of pollution in the environment. This situation jeopardizes our health, as the air around us contains high amounts of gases harmful to health. So in this post we want to stop at this point. Especially we will focus on the risks for us train when pollution levels are high and how we can find an alternative solution.

Levels are elevated environmental pollution means that the concentration is high, which results is that in the air there is a lot of harmful gases and toxins detrimental to oxygen levels. This makes the air quality is much worse for anyone, and we need to breathe more air to get enough oxygen. In the case of athletes who practice outdoor activity in this environment the problem is greater because it is needed more oxygen and better than what we will find.

How can we train if pollution alertEffects of excess pollution in our bodies

This situation is harmful to any contamination organism because performance will decrease, because not having much oxygen, energy intake by the body will be less. We will feel more tired, give up much less and will not achieve the goals we seek. In addition, we can come to feel discomfort in airways and even in sight if pollution levels are higher. In the case of athletes this is further aggravated because the oxygen demand when sport is higher and therefore air consumption also. Which brings us to consume more toxins and jeopardize our body.

Flee the city to escape the pollution

To prevent this from happening there are a number of measures to consider. First one tip is to escape from the city to places in nature. Escape from areas with excess pollution is essential. Go to the mountains or open country is one of the best ideas we can have for sport. In this way we are ensuring breathe clean air greatly improve our performance.

If we have no choice but to stay in town it is always better to opt for green areas where sport. In these places the concentration of trees will cause the air is much purer and refined. The vegetation is always a perfect ally when playing sports, because the oxygen levels and quality are much better than those we find in the rest of the city.

Early to do sports, another solution to prevent contamination

Another alternative is to go out exercising in the morning soon . Earlier in the day it is always less pollution because at night reduces smoke emission. To this we must add that at night the plants clean the air that has been polluted throughout the day. So air quality is better at this time of day. Be worth up early to take care of our lungs.

Active relaxation as a solution

Another alternative if we cannot escape the city is opt for one session shorter and less intense training. Thus what we are getting is having less oxygen demand and thus prevent our lungs suffer more. We can also opt in those days for activities that require less oxygen consumption such as yoga or pilates, in order to optimize and not force unnecessarily.