Parkinson’s is a neurological condition that is classed as progressive. There are currently no known cures, although there are medications that can help with some of the symptoms. One of the issues that people with the condition can experience is a problem with their mobility. In these cases Mobility Aids like the ones from Ability Superstore can help.

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Parkinson’s affects the levels of Dopamine in the body and it is this chemical that has a lot of control over the movement of your body. This reduction of dopamine can cause issues with walking, muscle stiffness, alterations to the overall posture and also problems with falling and freezing.

Most people with Parkinson’s will experience a change in the way they walk that can include slower movement, a bend in their posture that tends to include them leaning forward slightly, a shuffling of the feet and a lack of ability to naturally swing the arms as they walk.

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Freezing is an issue that can occur where the individual notices that their ability to move becomes impaired. This can result in them feeling like they are frozen to the spot. This usually occurs when they try to change direction or move from sitting to standing. It is usually a momentary issue but can be very unsettling when it occurs.

The issues that can appear with walking and posture as well as the problems that can occur with freezing mean that individuals who have Parkinson’s can often have a higher risk level of falling.