Do you feel that whatever you like is loaded with calories and nutrients bad? Do you know that certain food is very healthy but you never feel like? Such issues often occur more often than we think: “What I like is not healthy and what is healthy I do not like?”. Is there a perfect food?

The perfect food

Perfection is a subjective matter, and starting from there is complex consider the possibility that there is a perfect food, because what is unpalatable one person can be the tastiest food for another.

So what for me would be a perfect food, good nutritional quality and very tasty and appetizing, it may not be for someone else.

I like but is not healthy, it is healthy but I do not like! Is there a perfect foodClearly, the perfect food does not exist although there may be a lot closer preparations to be if we think it is not impossible to achieve tasty and healthy dishes as well not find appetizing nutritious food.

In fact, we can find an appetizing healthy food day and another day not, therefore, although there is no perfect food, we can achieve good approximations in our diet.

I like but is not healthy

Usually, we have an innate preference for sweetness and a rejection also from birth, by the bitter flavors. And even as we grow this can be changed, we usually always prefer sweet over bitter.

As early adulthood, many factors influence our tastes and food preferences, among which are the culture and customs of each emotional state, the biological condition, the environment around us, among others.

But it has been found that still choosing the sweets to counteract stress that we usually experience, since their intake lowers levels of cortisol in the body and incandescence a pleasurable response in the body.

However, it is well known that sweets loaded with sugar and calories are not the most recommended foods in our diet if we take care of our shape and health.

Something similar happens with foods or preparations that combine fat and sugar , because this combination loaded with easy energy to store and does not satisfy is preferential for our body that seeks to “treasure” calories in order to have reserves when energy or food missing.

Currently, access to food is almost universal, while this preference for caloric foods with fats and sugars, easy to assimilate is in our genes, because our ancestors did eat a lot one day and his body “kept” because maybe for two or three days they did not come back to eat.

So perhaps, we like both foods loaded with calories from fats and sugars , and these trigger in our body a similar response to drugs. In fact, it has been proven that fats and sugars is the perfect combination to develop addictive behavior.

All this leads us to understand why most of the foods we crave and we are really tasty are not healthy and understand that it is not our will but many factors influencing this preference.

It is healthy and can be very tasty

Surely those foods that you consume always recommended for health care are not the most attract you, however, that healthy can also be tasty .

Knowing that we like fats and sugars and these two nutrients are determinants of preference to food, we can look for healthier alternatives to classic industrial pastries, fried snacks loo commercial, sweet or similar biscuits.

For example, we can use to replace animal fat or butter avocado to achieve healthier dishes with more antioxidants, vitamins and minerals and also rich in fat and tasty.

By the same logic we can go to peanut butter or tahini or sesame paste, as well as a vegetable butter made by the total processing different nuts.

To replace sugar with empty calories, we can go to a mashed dates, stepped banana, fruit juice or perhaps a little honey, which offer sugars but accompanied by good nutrients and not just calories.

We can also go to replacements to save calories but the important thing is that we achieve a more appetizing and tasty preparation and full of good nutrients.