Whether you are trying to follow a paleo diet, lose weight by removing refined flours and foods containing it or maybe, you want to avoid gluten in your diet, here are some ideas and recipes to reduce the flours in your dishes.

Replacements to the much desired bread

The white bread is one of the main sources of refined flour in our diet and its replacement is one of the most difficult to achieve because their consumption is a deeply ingrained habit for many.

Ideas and recipes to reduce flours in the dietTherefore, today we leave some ideas to replace the bread and remove from our diet the refined flour that it contains …

  • Use cloud bread or cloud bread: it is an alternative without hydrates that we can use for different foods or preparations. Basically it is a bread without flour and with protein ingredients, very easy to realize and versatile. Here our partners of Direct to the Palate give us the recipe.
  • Avocado to cover sandwiches: in replacement of the bread, we can go to different foods. One trend imposed on Instagram is to use avocado to create different sandwiches or hamburge.
  • Mushrooms and vegetables in the form of bread: as with avocado, we can substitute the bread of a hamburger or sandwich for different vegetables in slices, for example: portobello sandwich (using the mushroom as bread), zucchini sandwiches (mini version), Or we can replace the bread with grilled aubergines, slices of fresh and firm tomatoes, potatoes or sweet potatoes in roasted slices and skin, among many other alternatives as we can think of.

More ideas to consume less flours

In addition to the replacements to the bread that already, they mean a good way to reduce considerably the refined flours if we are high consumers of white bread, here we leave more ideas to consume less flours

  • Wraps or rolls without flour: in substitution of the classic wheat tortillas that are used for these preparations we can use leaves of lettuce, of spinach or chard. We can also use algae, aubergines or courgettes cut and grilled. Some recipes are: aubergine rolls and roasted zucchini, wraps or lettuce tacos , nori seaweed wraps, chard rolls.
  • Egg Wraps: If in replacement of tortillas we make a thin omellette with an egg, we can use the same to fill and roll, creating a wrap or roll without flour and with much protein.
  • Spaghetti or vegetable noodles: the classic zoodles that have helped to incorporate vegetables to the diet of many and that, in addition, are an alternative without flour and very low in hydrates to the classic pastas. We can make zoodles of carrot, zucchini, beet or cabbage, and serve with different sauces.
  • Pizzas without mass: to create pizzas without dough and therefore, without flour, we can go to different options. For example, create a base of banana, potato or cauliflower, or create mini pizzas of zucchini or eggplant using the vegetable directly as the base of this preparation.
  • Other options: in addition to the already given, we can create different dishes without flour such as: pancakes without flour, cauliflower couscous, cake without flour, among others.

Here are some ideas and recipes that will help you reduce the flours in your diet and thus, achieve your goal, whatever the same. Do you dare to try them?