Nine in the morning: we arrive at the office, we greet our co-workers, we turn on our computer and we sit in the ergonomic chair with a posture that would have little to envy Joseph Pilates. But, alas, the hours go by, you are stinging data or making reports and at the same time you are throwing your butt forward and sinking more and more under your desk.

About eleven o’clock in the morning, without even getting up from your position, you are practically lying under the table, sitting on your right leg and with your back made an eight. Do you still wonder why your back hurts when you finish your workday?

And is that we are not always aware of our position, or not as much as we should be. If you want to maintain good postural hygiene throughout the day, even if you spend more than eight hours sitting in front of the computer, there’s a trick: put the alarm every hour on your watch.

Many activity tracking devices such as wristbands or smart watches have a function that we can program through which every X minutes give us a warning to get up from the chair and spend at least a minute on the move. This not only helps you to move more in your day to day, but also can be beneficial when it comes to taking care of your posture: do not forget that sedentary lifestyle and stress are also important factors when generating possible pain or injury.

The mere fact of getting up from our chair will mean that once we sit down again, we will improve our position consciously: when you sit down again, you will surely do it correctly, resting your back completely on the back of the chair , with the buttocks well supported on the seat, the hip forming a 90 degree angle and with both feet resting on the floor. The forearms should be placed on the table and the shoulders should be relaxed (not near the ears) without having the head forward.

Get out of our chair every hour (whenever possible: if it interferes too much with your productivity you can choose to schedule intervals of an hour and a half or two hours) will help us to stay active, de-numb our muscles and maintain a more correct posture at the time of work that will save us from possible back pain in the long run, try it!