It is something that many of us have done and sometimes it’s irresistible. However, inserting cotton buds into your ears to remove earwax is a really bad idea and here we look at why this is.

The ear cleans itself

You don’t need to do anything to your ears to keep them clean as ears are self-cleaning. Earwax migrates out of the ear to the opening by itself. Inserting anything into the ear can push the wax back deeper into the ear, causing an impaction. For exceptions, where a person has a condition which causes an overproduction of earwax, cotton buds are still not a good idea. For assistance with Ear wax removal Poole, visit

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It can cause harm

When you push anything into the ear canal, you risk damaging the sensitive parts of the ear. You could harm the eardrum itself, causing a perforation or push earwax deeper into the canal causing a blockage. Both of these can lead to hearing loss and discomfort. Pushing ear wax back into the ear might also increase the risk of infection.

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Earwax production does not equal unhygienic

Earwax provides an important job and is present inside your ear for good reason. You should not remove it because it:

  • Acts as a natural moisturiser and prevents the ear canal from drying out
  • Prevents dirt from being able to reach the ear canal
  • Absorbs any debris and dead skin cells
  • Stops bacteria from getting into the ear canal.