Do you aim to participate in a medium or long distance race? Although physical training (exits to run, strength exercises, rest) is the basis that we must work to achieve goal, we should not overlook another equally important factor and that can make a difference the ” D-day “: mental training.

Mental training in middle and long distance racesAnd it is that, if we are not well prepared, the head usually succumbs long before the legs in a race of average or long distance. Having a strategy to follow, knowing what to expect during the tour, setting small goals and always thinking positive are mental strategies that can help us cross the finish line.

  • Set yourself a career strategy: Finishing a medium or long distance race (and enjoying the road that, after all, is the most important thing in popular riders) is unthinkable without a career strategy. Knowing what rhythm we should take in each stretch of race taking into account the accumulated mileage and altimetry of it and try to meet it is basic to reach the goal and do it in good conditions.
  • Set small challenges: “Today I’m going to run 42 kilometers” (or 21, or even 100 in some cases) may sound too challenging, even though you’ve trained for it. Think about the next 5 kilometers, or in the next 30 minutes, concentrate on them and spinning one after another these little challenges will help you not to overwhelm you.
  • Be aware that you will find the wall or the murito: there they are, around the 32 km in the marathon and 16 in the mean, waiting for you when you arrive. Overcoming “the wall” or “the wall”, when we know they are there, is much easier: the legs usually go well if we have followed a good career strategy, and is a more mental issue. He thinks that they are only a couple of kilometers, that after everything that you have run, you will be able to surpass without problems.
  • Always think positive: During a race we can find many external factors , not controllable for us, that can make a dent in our motivation. If it rains, if it is too hot or if there is a lot of wind and we have not foreseen it, our career strategy can be put to the test. The most important thing is to always remain positive and not run with the litany of “what a disgust of rain, if it did not rain, I could get a better mark, I’m dumb to the bone” and so on: maintaining a positive attitude towards race adversities is vital for To be able to finish.

Use the days before the test, when the kilometers of training are scarce, to prepare you mentally. If you have followed your workouts, you have a strategy and you go out for all knowing your body and your limits, sure that will come out well.

What motivation and mental training techniques do you use before a career?