You want to maintain a healthy diet and contribute to our body all the nutrients you need? Food supplements as Multicentrum will become an ally to keep in mind to improve our welfare.

A third of people worldwide lack the vitamins and minerals essential for proper physical and intellectual development. The mere fact of eating improperly betting on fast food due to lack of time or irregular schedules, practice an unbalanced diet, consuming harmful products such as snuff or alcohol, poor maintenance or cooking food or consumption determined medications for muscle development may be the root causes of this lack.

Multicentrum to maintain a healthy dietThus, for example, iron deficiency can affect the intellectual development of smaller, while vitamin A deficiency compromises the immune system of children at risk. For the same reason, besides taking care of our diet every day we can go for the additional aid of Multicentrum with vitamins and minerals in a balanced formula designed for both adults and adolescents from 12 years.

Precisely because the nutritional needs of men and women are different, Multicentrum has created a specific formula for each sector of the population. In this way, the form designed for women contains enhanced amounts of folic acid, which in addition to participating in the proper formation of blood, will be useful to reduce the degree of fatigue and fatigue that may have accumulated at the end of a day of job.

Also present in the composition an interesting amount of calcium, an ideal place to reach a good level of bone mass and, ultimately, contribute to the maintenance of bone mineral. This formula designed for women also has a higher concentration of iron ideal for the formation of red blood cells and hemoglobin. All these minerals are especially beneficial to counteract blood loss occurring in the menstrual cycle.

On the other hand, the formula designed for men is rich in vitamins B, perfect for the energy present in other foods. Similarly, there is a significant percentage of magnesium, a mineral that prevent the formation of cramps, improve the functioning of the nervous system as well as the presence of thiamine or vitamin B1, ideal for a healthier heart condition.

The metabolism and absorption of nutrients essential in the body is disturbed with the passage of time, so that after 50 years of age will be a change in the dietary needs. In this sense, Multicentrum 50 + is designed for this sector of the population over 50 years. In turn, for this age group there are two variants also focused on the male and female population.

Thus, Multicentrum Women 50+ contains vitamin A to maintain the skin and mucous membranes and reinforced calcium and vitamins D amounts, which will help meet the changing nutritional needs once the menopause. As Multicentrum Male 50+ has vitamin A for the maintenance of normal vision in addition to pantothenic acid, useful for intellectual performance as well as iron and zinc that contribute to normal cognitive function.

The children, meanwhile, will also find this upgrade the help they need for healthy eating. Multicentrum Junior contains iron for normal cognitive development and vitamin D needed for bone development in children. Children will be fascinated with its fruity.

What do you think the benefits of Multicentrum?