One of the most common pains among Yoga practitioners is usually the pain of dolls . What is this about? Basically, many of the postures or asanas require that we maintain part of the weight of our body resting on our hands on the ground, thus being able to cause pain in the joint.

Spending a lot of time in positions such as the dog lying face down or performing many asanas of inversion and balance on hands can cause pain in the wrists during the exercise session that can even incapacitate us to continue practicing the different movements.

It is better to prevent than to cure, so we offer you a few tips to take care of the health of your dolls during Yoga classes .

  • Performs a proper warm-up: working the mobility of the joints prior to a session of Yoga is important to avoid possible pain or injury and to be able to perform the asanas correctly. Make circles with your wrists on both sides , and flex and extend the joint will help you prepare for the session.
  • Strengthen your wrists before training: strengthening the muscles around the wrist will help protect the joint when it becomes a load point of our body. A simple but very effective exercise is to grab a small towel at both ends and reproduce the movement to drain it. Also antistress balls of different hardness can be useful.
  • Change your posture when necessary: if you practice Yoga for free it is possible that the sequences of asanas are not the most appropriate and you need to alternate the postures with hand support with others in which the dolls are less protagonists . Instead of going directly from the dog face up to the dog upside down, for example, if your wrists hurt, it is better to insert a rest position between them.
  • Place the weight of your body in the center: in some positions such as the front plate , we tend to carry most of the weight of our body on our arms, loading too much the wrists, when really our weight should be distributed in our average area . In order to distribute the weight of your body properly, try to perform the axial elongation .
  • Use modifications of the exercises and accessories: if your wrists ache when performing the front plate on your hands, modify the exercise and do it on the forearms. These types of modifications can be performed in a multitude of exercises : your Yoga teacher can explain how to modify practically all the exercises in this way.Another possibility is to use special grabs (they are cheap and comfortable, you have them on Amazon from 12 euros ) that protect our wrists keeping them in a neutral position.

With these tips you can take care of your wrists and prevent the pain that is likely to appear during the class. Namaste!