Those who go out to run with the intention of getting ahead and improving times, you know that with that of running fifty minutes daily at the same pace does not work. We need to introduce other training methods such as series. Today we are going to dedicate a few lines to the series in slope, a training with many benefits.

Series in slope, essential if you want to improve timesIf you run for fun or you do not often train the race, the series on slope are not so important. But if you want a quality jump in your career training, series on slopes are necessary. Let’s take a look at what benefits it has, when to do them and how:

What are the benefits of doing series on a slope?

One of the advantages of doing slopes is that you do not need to greatly increase the speed to increase the intensity of training . That running against gravity provides a greater stimulus for the cardio respiratory system and for the muscles involved in the race.

When we race with unevenness, more muscle fibers are mobilized than if we did it on level ground, something that improves the power of our stride and the economy of the race. Running on slopes expresses more to our muscular system, is like going to the gym one day to work legs.

It is a very complete training because we work simultaneously aerobic and anaerobic system (especially the latter), although it will depend on the distance and speed that we put to the slopes, as we will see later.

The active slope training plus muscle fibers that run on flat.

The slopes we can say is a strength training for our legs in which we do not need to go to the gym. This greater load than usual also makes extra work to the heart, to be assimilated to a HIIT workout.

How often should you do this training?

Being a specific and intense training, we can get it once every 7-14 days. It also depends on our level of training and goals. By way of guidance and according to our physical form we can say that …

  • Low level : once every two weeks.
  • Average level : once every 10 days.
  • High level : once a week.

If we are training for a race that has more unevenness, it is clear that we will have to put more frequently the training in slopes. And if we are training for a trail, it is advisable to run almost daily with slopes and do series 1-2 times a week with unevenness.

Some examples of slope training

Here are some examples to do series trainings on slope. They are orientative and you can go playing with distance, incline and rest time depending on the distance that we are training. But to prepare about 10k popular, it can serve to improve your stride power and aerobic power.

As we indicated, it is advisable to do a warming up longer than normal before starting the series, since it requires a certain intensity and we must arrive with muscles and heart prepared. I advise you to do the first and second series at a medium intensity, to accommodate muscles and heart.

Although the first time to perform this type of training is very hard and intense, the benefits are virtually instantaneous. In the later workings of long shoots you will notice how your stride is more solid and your heart is going down of pulsations for a rhythm of race of cruise.