Many are processed or minimally processed foods whose nutritional quality is acceptable and we can include them in the framework of a balanced diet, however, there are also products that seem healthy but that you should not put in your shopping cart like the seven examples that we show then:


Because it resembles crab meat in color and consistency, we always consider that surimi is a good option to obtain quality proteins such as those derived from fish.

However, surimi is processed fish meat , and all processed meats should be reduced in our diet if we seek to take care of our health, since being the result of a high degree of processing may contain additives such as nitrites and nitrates that harm the body , as well as excess sodium , added sugars and refined flours .

In substitution of the surimi, an easy option to consume fish, the best thing is to go to the tuna to the natural one or in olive oil , or, to other canned options like the sardines or frozen as it can be some seafood or, the cod.

Fiambre de turkey breast

Turkey meat, especially its breast, is one of the richest in protein and low in fat ; therefore, a similar quality is expected in turkey breast , something that is far from real because this The last option is a food with many industrial additives.

It is also a processed meat and although it has lean proteins, it includes refined flours in the form of starch as well as sugars and sodium in high proportions .

Even the “Free” turkey breast of Campofrío has more sugars and salt than the traditional turkey breast .

In his replacement we recommend to go to turkey breast or fresh and cooked chicken that can perfectly be added to a sandwich or cut in slices without resorting to a cold of this type that even, usually has monosodium glutamate in its composition, an additive that is Use to highlight the flavor and that can stimulate our appetite as well as cause other adverse effects.

Breakfast cereals “fitness” style

Among the different breakfast cereals that we find in the supermarket, the options for health care are presented , showing a slender silhouette or a legend that highlights its richness in fiber.

However, the Nestlé “Fitness” options as well as the “Special K” or “Kellness” of Kellogs tend to hide a large amount of sugar inside that goes from 10% to 25% in the options that add chocolate.

And even, they have refined flours in their composition, being the vast majority of their hydrates sugars and starch , therefore, we recommend reducing their intake and in their replacement, go to natural and whole grain cereals , unprocessed or packaged with remarkable and attractive labels .

Thus, with quinoa, amaranth, oatmeal, wheat germ and other healthier options we can make a variety of nutritious breakfasts suitable for leaving commercial breakfast cereals aside.

Skimmed yogurts and fermented flavored milk

Fermented milks and skimmed yoghurts can be very different depending on the option chosen, because although the natural versions are a source of quality proteins with few fats and probiotics or other ferments that can benefit us, the flavored alternatives add a lot of sugar in their composition .

Even drinkable yogurts or fermented milks and enriched in the style of Actimel can hide more than 10% of sugars in its composition being many of them added industrially or unnaturally as you can see in your list of ingredients:

Rehydrated pasteurized skimmed milk, partially skimmed pasteurized milk, sugar , fruit juices (2.1%) from concentrated juices (pineapple, peach, orange and strawberry), glucose , milk solids, natural aroma, lactic ferments (yoghurt ferments) and Lactobacillus casei CNCM I-1518 also known as DN-114001, exclusive of Danone) and vitamins (D and B6).

Therefore, in replacement of these products, it is best to go to fresh milk as such or always choose yogurt and fermented milk without flavor, natural and without added sugar in its composition.

And remember that we should not be fooled by the legend “enriched” or “fortified” , because although it sells and attracts the consumer, it does not always mean healthier .

Commercial fruit smoothies

The milkshakes that we usually make at home, based on fruits and milk or water with other ingredients, have little insane, as they gather natural sugars, fiber and often protein and quality fats, however, commercial fruit smoothies like those we can find in any cafeteria or fast food chain, they have a much lower nutritional quality.

Most of them have little fresh fruit and they add enormous amounts of sugarinside, which can exceed 40 grams per serving as shown by this Burger King option.

We can also find shakes that are not very satisfying , based on fruit purée only and therefore, without proteins or other good nutrients other than sugar and some fiber of the ingredients they have, such as McDonalds strawberry and banana smoothie .

It is best to make our smoothies at home , without adding free sugars and choosing quality ingredients or consume the whole piece of fruit that is always a better alternative .

Cookies rich in fiber, light or enriched

Within the world of cookies we have a variety of options to choose from, however, they always end up being an ultra-processed food whose nutritional quality leaves a lot to be desired.

Even light or reduced fat options can hide a high proportion of free sugars in their composition, or, if their sugar content has been reduced, they can hide palm fat or trans fat two more villains that we should avoid in our daily diet .

Whatever the choice of commercial biscuit chosen, all have their similar to the industrial bakery , therefore, we should replace them with homemade cookies , without added sugars or, for pancakes or other artisan preparations such as wholemeal bread for example.

Granola bars

They are others of the ultraprocesses of the world of the fitness that usually deceive much by their aspect and promotion under the legend “only 100 Kcal” or “rich in fiber and proteins that satisfy”.

However, all bars are concentrated in calories exceeding 350 Kcal per 100 grams and in addition, (except 0% sugar), most have a high proportion of free sugars in their composition.

As if that were not enough, they are not very satisfying options , as the amount of fiber per serving as well as protein is usually reduced, while refined flours or non-whole grains abound along with sugar.

Therefore, the best we can do is replace them with homemade alternatives , based on whole grains and without added free sugars.

These are seven products that look very healthy but in reality can be misleading and should not be added to our shopping cart if we seek to eat better.