One of the body parts that may be the most delicate and may suffer the most when excesses are training shoulders. Most of the injuries we suffer from poor performance or from overloads usually focus on this part of the body. The problem is that for almost all exercises we use the shoulder joint. It is therefore necessary to present some points to avoid injure us be part of the body.

First of all it is very important that we know that the shoulder is formed by four large muscles that are responsible for holding the bones and forming the joint. Next to them would be the tendons that connect them together. A priori does not exist anything significant, because all the articulations of the body work in the same way. The difference here lies in the highly mobile shoulder has, which involve you in our activities and the muscles that make it up are not the strongest in the body, so we can easily hurt.

Shoulder injuries can be avoided if we know how to take care of itPerform the movements correctly

First of all we must bear in mind that the movements of the joints when we are training have nothing to do with those that we perform in our day to day. Above all, it is important to know that in training we are lifting a load, which in itself is already a resistance to muscles and joints. This is what makes the train movements are going to run, especially those involved shoulders should be soft and nothing aggressive.

Simple movements

To avoid straining the shoulder joints that make up what we’ll be simple movements and following a plane, that is, if for example we make front elevations, it is necessary to subject ourselves to that movement and not make another combined in the same movement. When combining several types of movement with weight what we can get is an overload derived from a movement that is not adequate and that can end up damaging the joint that makes up the shoulder.

Avoid overloading muscles

As we said before, the muscles that make up the shoulders and are responsible for the joint to move, as well as the tendons, are strong and effective, but not as much as others that can be found in the body. These are medium muscles and as such must be treated. It is not advisable to overload them and have to choose either avoid the burdens that we will use. Not recommended lifting loads too heavys, because stress can be excessive and involve other muscles and perhaps force us to do anything movements that are not recommended and you may end up causing an overload and thus injury.

Stretching for Stress Relief

To this must be added the importance of relieving stress zone that may have accumulated. The tension can be due to several reasons like the ones that we have exposed previously or by an imbalance in the muscles that conform the front part with the back of the body. Do not forget that the muscles of the shoulders are directly attached to the pectorals. If we have strong pecs and weak back muscles this imbalance can cause extra stress on the shoulder joints. It is therefore important to train the front and back of the body in the same way, as it is necessary to achieve a balance between the two parts.

Another way to relieve tension in the shoulder area is by stretching we perform regularly. Stretch properly and dedicating the necessary time will help us improve the mobility of the shoulders. In addition, we will get a better blood supply and with it a recovery of all the fibers that compose it. Especially the tendons will remain more elastic and in better shape. Also a good way of relieving the tension that concentrates on the shoulders day after day is laying face down on the floor and extending only the arms in cross. In this pose, without doing anything, we will keep for 10 minutes and we will activate the circulation in the area and relieve the tension of the muscles in this part.

The Importance of Strengthening Men’s Muscles

We must always be aware that the shoulders are a necessary, useful and effective part of the body, but at the same time very delicate. Being necessary for any movement that we perform with the arms is easy to overload them and we run many risks of hurting ourselves. To avoid this it is necessary to strengthen the muscles that make up, but not at any price. It is important to be aware of this and work responsibly and at all times controlling the movements, the execution of the exercises and the load. If we do this we will be able to get strong and healthy shoulders.