The avocado is a fruit rich in quality fats and has many other features and benefits for the body. Although its most frequent use in the kitchen is as part of savory dishes, here are six cookies recipes with avocado that you cannot miss to give a healthy and original touch your preparations.

Sweet recipes with avocado

The use of avocado in place of butter, cream or other ingredient creamy texture can help you cook healthier, managing to incorporate good fats, antioxidants, potassium and magnesium to the recipe.

Six sweet recipes with avocado that you can not missSome ideas of sweet dishes with avocado are:

  • Truffles avocado : with very few ingredients we can achieve these truffles loaded with antioxidants which represent an easy and very healthy dessert we recommend to try at home.
  • Smoothie kiwi, avocado and pear : For a different breakfast rich in vitamin C, fiber and potassium and very satiating, this is a recipe that can implement, easy, tasty and with a creamy texture that pleases any palate.
  • Creamy chocolate mousse and avocado : a healthier and more nutritious than many others that can produce, tasty, easy and satiating mousse due to the incorporation of avocado in its preparation. A healthy dessert and original leave open – mouthed diners.
  • Brownie avocado : moist and tasty like a traditional much healthier and easier to perform but brownie. It also represents a good choice to accompany a tea in a snack and get potassium, antioxidants and vitamin E.
  • Avocado and chia pudding preferred for individual breakfast or snack, because with this pudding will have carbohydrates, good fats and vegetable proteins in addition to potassium, vitamin E and other micro nutrients that our body needs.It may also be an option for after training.
  • Creamy chocolate and avocado: An easy and healthy dessert with which we can finish a meal. Very rich in vitamins and minerals and tasty to leave a pleasant taste in our mouth without load us with empty calories and sugars.

The avocado can offer very healthy and tasty sweet recipes to enjoy without guilt at home. Do you dare to try?