When summer arrives we usually relax more in the gym and many times we make mistakes, especially in the clothing that can end up taking our toll. Therefore this time we want to stop in at points to consider and are often our daily bread in countless gyms.

Generally in the training rooms is usually a set of rules or instructions of behavior, but in summer many people relax and stop following this. It should be borne in mind that these indications are not just a whim, it is health and safety measures with an explanation and therefore we review them so you do not forget.

Some equipment errors that we commit in summer in the gymYou wear sandals to train

A bad practice that we see in training rooms is to use as training shoes ** sandals or flip flops **. At first glance it may seem fresh and comfortable, but deep down it is not, as we leave the foot uncovered and loose. That is, sneakers or any sports footwear not only protect our foot from possible accidents inside the gym, but also are prepared for the footing to be adequate as well as the placement of our body, since the sole is prepared for And exercise is not flat as it usually happens with sandals.

The towel should always accompany us

Another point to consider is the use of a towel to train . This should be our best ally, as it will serve as a hygienic measure to isolate us from the machines and avoid sweat in them. But it will also help us clean ours. Above all, keep in mind that keeping our hands dry will help us to better handle the dumbbells and machines in the gym and we can do much better the different exercises.

Choosing the right attire

The clothing is also something that is often neglected in summer. Many people go to train with swimsuit or cotton t-shirts, a suit that is not appropriate for the sport, because what we need are garments that let us sweat the skin but do not accumulate the moisture of the sweat. For this, the appropriate thing is to equip ourselves with technical garments designed for sports activities, which will facilitate the training making us feel better.

Accompany us with a bottle of water to hydrate

Needless to say , we must always maintain good hydration while we train, but in summer even more, since the temperature rise causes our body traspire more. For this reason it is fundamental to go to train with a bottle of water to be constantly replenishing the liquids that we are losing. In the equipment water must be fundamental, and one of the mistakes that many comment is not taking this into account when it comes to training.

Surely for you there are many more big failures when it comes to training in summer. Therefore we encourage that we may tell what’s inappropriate for you and is usually done every day in the gym.