Every day more people choose to substitute the consumption of traditional sugar, for another type of sweeteners or sweeteners. Undoubtedly, a good option given the excessive increase in sugar consumption in the population.

If you are one of those who have already sought substitute for the classic sugar, you may know stevia: a good alternative to common sweeteners. For those of you who still do not know, today we tell you some of the advantages of this unique sweetener.

Stevia a good alternative to common sweetenersStevia is a perennial plant whose leaf is cultivated and processed to obtain a powerful sweetener, with a characteristic aftertaste of licorice (in high concentrations), and thanks to its extracts glycosides of steviol presents up to 300 times the sweetness of sugar reaching an effect Much more durable. 

It has been proven in research that stevia reaches its great point of interest, especially in people with problems of diabetes or hypoglycemia, being a good regulator of blood sugar.

Benefits of Stevia

If we highlight some of the benefits of stevia-based sweeteners, we can not forget that it is certainly an herbal alternative with zero caloric intake and one hundred percent natural, so its consumption is totally safe even in children’s diets .

Its leaves can also be consumed in raw, for example, chewed, crushed or in infusions, and with only a minimum amount of stevia we will obtain the sweetness that would be reached with much greater amounts of any other type of sweetener.

In addition to this, it is attributed numerous benefits for cardiovascular and digestive health, reducing gas and acidity of the stomach, and has excellent properties for oral and cutaneous health, hence its use in many beauty products.

If you want a good substitute for sugar … you already have, go to the stevia!