The gastrointestinal stomach aches and pains in the race, especially over long distances, are a common problem in the corridors: over 60% of runners usually refuel intestinal discomfort while they are running.

These discomforts usually appear in the form of nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and even abdominal cramps and are usually given because during exercise most of the blood flow is directed to the muscles (which is where we need more oxygen and energy), generating intestinal permeability. Due to this insufficient blood flow in the bowel area, its ability to filter harmful particles is reduced, and when discomfort can occur.

Stomach Pain The Keys to Avoiding ItOnce that happens, there is little we can do other than reduce our pace, walk if necessary and be patient to see if the pain remits (if it does not, it is best to give up the race). But we can take precautions before the race so this does not happen .

Take care of your food intake before exercise

Something very important to prevent the onset of intestinal discomfort in the race is to respect the time of digestion of food. The last pre-race meal should be done at least a couple of hours before going out, and should consist of low-fat and low-fiber foods to facilitate digestion.

If we go jogging early in the morning we may have to wake up a few hours early to have breakfast : there are many athletes who wake up, have breakfast and go back to bed to give them time to do the digestion well.

And if not breakfast? Here it depends on what you are accustomed to do in your day to day. If you are one of those who enjoy a good breakfast every day, make the effort and get up a little earlier so as not to break the routine, since your body is accustomed to working in those conditions. If you are more than used to not having breakfast, you have tried fasting beforehand and you have not gone wrong, you can use it as a strategy in the race.

Also, remember to moisturize properly, both in the days before the test and during this, with small sips to the bottles: hydration is also trained.

Test the energy gels before the race

During long distance races we usually use glucose gels to give energy quickly to our body; But we must keep in mind that, before a race, we have always had to practice taking gels during training.

Try the same gels that you are going to use in the race and in the same conditions as the “D-Day” to see how they feel: maybe instead of a whole gel it is enough that you take half, but only you will know it practicing. In this regard, it is worth more rehearsing, testing, making mistakes and then hitting the day of the race than any advice you can give.

Remember that gels are usually taken with a little water and small sips, not the pull: if you take the gel in one gulp it is very possible that you suffer intestinal discomfort later, since it is a rather larger amount of glucose than the Which we are accustomed to take.

Be sure to try everything during the workouts : the breakfast you are going to take before the test, the gels, the hydration points, the time you will let go between one gel and another … This alone prepares you for what you are going to Find the day of the race.