Are you runner and stop running in the months of July and August because it is hot that no one can stop? You are not alone: ​​many of us (yes, I also include myself) are in the same situation. When the alternative is to run very (but very) early in the morning or when the night has gone well and the city refreshes a little, the desire to run is scarce.

But that does not mean that we stay two months without doing any physical exercise. Unless you have to prepare a marathon for September or October (in that case you will have to run yes or yes) you can take advantage of these summer months to get your legs ready and to arrive with a better muscular quality to your next race. This is how you can prepare your legs in summer for winter marathons.

The importance of the lower body muscles in a marathon

If you are an amateur athlete you do not need to train as an elite, but there are many behaviors from professional runners that we can copy the fans to improve in our sport. Among them, one that many runners overlook when preparing: the strength training of the lower train .

Having a good musculature in our buttocks and in our can make sure to cross the goal of that marathon that we have in a few months (as possible, since there is nothing that assures us 100% ).

The strength training of our lower body (legs and buttocks) can improve our running economy by up to 8%. This means that as runners, with a greater (quantity) and better (quality) muscle mass we will be able to maintain a submaximal speed for longer, fatiguing us less .

What exercises can we do to work our lower train?

As a runner you will already know that, in addition to running, it is necessary that you perform exercises in running technique , that you feed properly and that you rest properly: running is not just running , and strength training should form an important part of your routine .

A full-body circuit of basics a couple of days a week is enough to notice benefits in your next race

Introducing strength exercises about twice a weekwill make you better as a runner. But what exercises can I do? It is not necessary to get entangled with complicated training routines: the basic ones like squats (with load or with your own body weight), the dead weight (to work the rear chain), the alternate strides or the hip thrust (one of the best exercises to build good glutes) can be enough to develop a good training routine.

Nor can we leave aside the training of our middle zone and our upper body : although they do not participate as actively as the legs and buttocks in the race, they do contribute to maintaining correct posture while we run ( especially core muscles ) and also to maintain a muscular mass provided throughout the body. Basic as pushups , the dominated or oars and planks or abdominal plates are ideal to include in your routine.

So, a basic full body circuit a couple of days a week can help you cross the finish line of that marathon you have scheduled for next winter. Start training in these summer months to get the habit and then do not leave it during the cold season: integrate the circuit in your training routine and enjoy its benefits, you will notice the difference!