If you are new to the gym it is important to know some of the most common mistakes and nonsense that we often make when we are rookies: ten things you need to know before starting in the gym room.

Avoiding these simple beginner mistakes and following the correct guidelines, which can indicate a good monitor fitness, the way to achieve your goal is in your hand.

1. Do not start on your own: let yourself be taught!

When you get to the gym it is normal not literally know where to start. Everything is going to be new for you and you should not fall into the shame of not asking and trying to “imitate” what the next one does …

Ten things you need to know before you start training in the gym roomDo not start on your own, approach to monitor the room and let them know what is the goal you’ve marked you. It will help you start a routine that is personalized for you and fit for your new goal. Follow their advice on the technique to follow and do not hesitate to monitor any doubts that arise. Remember that it is your work and will be happy to help you avoid falling into the mythical mistakes beginners.

2. Focus on yourself: comparisons are odious!

Starts being aware that you are a rookie, without getting caught by “what to think” or shame to start with light weights. Remember that the people around you are in your training, not what you do or raise.

3. Do not go upstairs … you do not have to go to the gym every day

Knowing when and how to rest is more than important. Sometimes we start with so much force that we spend … it follows the routine of days marked by your monitor and the times destined to each session. 

Spend three hours a day in the gym will not report us more benefits, rather the opposite and be weary.

4. Do not skip the training you “less like”

It is important that you follow the routines that your monitor tells you, without skipping those “less graceful” workouts because you prefer to train other parts of the body that interest you the most. 
Work all the muscle groups of the body is essential to achieve a good body and aesthetic proportion.

5. I arrive late: I train “to pinion”

Take the time necessary to each daily session, around an hour. Each set of exercises and each repetition follows their cadence and their breaks, it is important that we fulfill them to train in a correct way and avoiding possible injuries.

6. The important thing is what I raise: I forget the technique!

We do not want to be less than others or they realize that we are novices in the gym, and to fix it we make the worst mistake we can do: charge too much and neglect (or forget altogether) technique .

This decision not only going to lead an effort for which we are not prepared, but a bad execution of the exercise that often, unfortunately, just with back injuries, neck, etc …

7. Stiffness = under intensity: ERROR

It is normal that, in the first few days, especially, you end up suffering the dreadful effects of the new rhythm of activity that has begun your ancient sedentary life. Quiet, They are just shoelaces! In a few days they will pass, we are doing the job well. The error comes when we skip sessions or lower the level to not suffer: error!

Of course … forget about drinking water with sugar and style remedies. Shoelaces are micro muscle tears and disappear as soon as they are repaired.

8. Beware of wasting time: it’s going to go away!

It is always good that we train together with a friend or even, at first and until we get used to it, we have someone to go. The problem comes when we focus half of the session in chatting with the above in point: we lose time just can not recover and also do not carry the rhythm of effort and adequate rest .

At the gym we go to work, we can talk from time to time but without passing us. A good tip to focus on our work and mislead as little as possible is to put your own helmets of music you evade and at the same time motivate you.

9. I train with this!

Sometimes it has happened to me that I went to the gym and I have seen people training with flip-flops or even with sneakers! 

With this I do not mean that we should point us to the gym to buy a the latest equipment, nor the most expensive sneakers Store, but it is important that we cover minimum to exercise comfortably and appropriately.

10. Are we done yet? … No! The fundamental thing is missing.

We have all the basics to start training in a gym room but we need to add the last: the diet is essential. 
Taking a healthy diet, balanced and oriented to our purpose will be the other 50% necessary to successfully achieve our goal, 100% eye in both cases, that there are many people who talk about that if the diet is 70%. .. Aim these simple tips to start with a healthier diet.