Adequate hydration is of great importance for our body to have good health and at the same time, be careful and fit. That’s why, for this summer, nothing better than choosing and consuming the best moisturizing drinks.

Hydration: much more than water

In order for our body to have enough liquid and thus, to benefit the functioning of each internal organ, it is not only important to drink water.

Water is the best drink and we will always recommend choosing to consume on a regular basis, but we must know that a correct hydration does not only consist of water.

The best drinks to hydrate you this summerFor each cell to be well hydrated, it is also necessary electrolytes that allow a correct balance of liquids inside and outside of them. In addition, sweat not only lose water but also sodium, potassium and other elements that help to achieve a correct balance of fluids in our body and therefore, should not be lacking in our diet if we want to hydrate properly.

Sodium is essential because it not only helps our body to retain more liquid but also must be in balance with water if we want to avoid problems because of a dilution of this element or, on the contrary, a hyper concentration of it.

On the other hand, potassium and chlorine are also important because they must be in adequate quantities so that each cell in the body contains the proper proportion of liquids.

And lastly, sugars like sodium can help retain more water in our body, so when losses are many, a minimum of sugars can be of great help.

The best moisturizing drinks for this summer

Although usually and always recommend drinking water, to accompany a snack or to drink after training, at the beach or wherever we are enjoying the summer, the following moisturizing drinks are good options …

  • Natural juices: they contain a minimum of sodium and natural sugars, without excess, are 90% water but in addition, they are very rich in potassium, antioxidants and other good nutrients to take care of the body this season.
  • Skimmed milk: especially advisable after training because it possesses in addition potassium, calcium, water and natural sugars, quality proteins that can serve for recovery and gain muscle.
  • Ice tea : it is very rich in antioxidants and potassium above all, it will refresh us and will bring almost 100% water to our body with very few calories. And if we add lemon juice add chlorine and some natural sugars.
  • Homemade shakes: replacing the commercial versions loaded with sugars and fats, homemade smoothies with bases of fruits and vegetables are an excellent choice, rich in water, refreshing and with potassium, chlorine, sodium, sugars and other nutrients to take care of Body and moisturize.
  • Beer without alcohol: Alcohol is not a moisturizer but quite the opposite, but beer by itself offers potassium, antioxidants, magnesium, vitamins and a minimum of hydrates with more than 90% water, so it can help us to replenish liquids on All after intense physical exertion.
  • Lemonade: is a perfect blend of sugars, electrolytes and water that for its pleasant taste will help us to hydrate while we refresh ourselves with good nutrients this summer and take care of our aesthetics.
  • Coconut water: it is a good option to enjoy on the beach after a workout or a walk, as it contains lots of water and above all, it is very rich in minerals such as potassium, magnesium and others.

You know, if you want to take care of your health while still benefiting your physical appearance, proper hydration is essential and for this, we must drink a little more than water.

Here you have a list of the best drinks to hydrate and nourish you this summer. Take note!