Many trainers, gyms, nutritional supplements and even health professionals are promoted with pictures of “before and after” showing how it has changed the body thanks to your product or treatment. However, this is nothing more than a scam and then we leave the tricks behind these photos.

The tricks behind the pictures of before and afterCreating “before and after”

A little while ago a trainer showed how you can change a photo with only two minutes apart if we change the angle from which it takes the same and our body posture.

The change may be sufficient to show a “before and after” when in fact there is almost no difference in time between each photograph.

In fact, changing the lighting, the posture of the body, and even photographic shot, dress or diet few hours before we can create a “before and after” few minutes apart.

In the following video you can see some tricks used to achieve these photos:

The changes of lights and lighting change with the skin tone are valuable tricks to make a difference in the resulting photos.

Specifically, u n skin tone darker or tanned and brighter result in a body fitness worthy of the “photos later.”

Also, change the body posture and contracting certain muscles is another trick used to give a fitness aspect to a person who actually is not.

Darker garments or that are slightly loose and take a photograph fasting are other tricks to achieve “after” and then take a real picture to achieve “before” totally different.

We see that behind the “photos before and after” there are many tricks that demonstrate the thymus of this advertising tool as used and that many factors affect the result in a photo, so, let’s not conquer this marketing resource nor do we use it to compare our body.

We can look like the picture “before” or “after” depending on how we capture the image, the position we take, how tan we and many other factors.