They are your lifeline on the stressful moving day, so don’t annoy your removal company with these unpopular actions:

You add extra furniture on moving day that did not exist when they made their initial survey. Do not buy a new sofa or bed before moving and hope they have the room in their truck to move it along with your old sofa.

You make tea and snacks for yourselves but don’t offer any refreshments to the hard-working crew!

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You have not packed like you promised you would. They should be able to send a packer to resolve this. You’ll be stunned at the speed with which a professional packer can work through the house with the right materials. We would recommend a professional packing every time. For more information about a Removal Company Essex, visit

You have pets and children running around them making stumble. For everyone’s safety, keep children, dogs and cats out of the way. The removal team will carry heavy furniture and boxes into their truck and cannot always look at their feet to see what might be beneath them.

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You do not show them the contents of the loft or outbuildings on first inspection whose contents you want to move. Yes, your initial quote will be lower if you do not move the contents of the attic or barn, but the company needs to be fully prepared and know the volume of goods to be moved beforehand so that they can provide the appropriate-sized truck.