For the summer we are already many who have put hands to the work. As it is known year after year, begins the time of definition muscle after a winter gaining mass and volume. But even so, many people have not been able to perform this phase of gaining muscle mass. For them we want to dedicate this post, because to show some muscles well marked for the summer, we are still in time if we train in the right way and we feed well what remains of time.

We are still in time to get a good definition of muscle despite not having performed muscle growth phaseIt is true that with the remaining time, it does not give us time to go through the phase of muscle growth that we should have done during the winter. That is why we are going to get the most out of what we already have to define as much as we can and get some compact muscles in an enviable state. To do this, we need to combine specific training that combines strength and endurance work in addition to a nutrient-rich diet to make the muscles perfectly healthy.

What we are going to give you next are a series of simple tips that will help us to maintain the muscle toning and to lose the fat and the fluids that cover the muscle and that cover it, making it not so defined. For this it is very good to change the methodology of training and to opt for a high intensity routine without neglecting the muscular work. That is, it is advisable to mix aerobic and anaerobic exercise.

High intensity routines to burn more calories

To begin with, it is highly recommended to include high-intensity routines called HIIT. This way of training will help us burn more calories while keeping our muscles toned and in perfect shape. It is necessary that when it comes to getting to work with these types of workouts we are aware that it is necessary to control the routines to avoid failure in movements and possible injuries. To do this, if we can get the advice of a monitor we will get better results and avoid risks.

Combine regular workout with aerobic exercise

On the contrary, if we are not so advanced or control so much, from the recommendation that we give is the following. What can be done is a habitual training with weights, only instead of carrying the muscles to the extreme, we will perform more repetitions with a load not so high that allows us to perform between 12 or 15 repetitions in a correct way and respecting each movement of the exercise.

To this way of training we must accompany with aerobic exercise at least twice a week. Activities like the race, the bicycle, the walk, the step … are adequate to get to activate more the metabolism and to increase the fat burning and with it the best muscular definition. If we perform aerobic exercise, we can also continue with the usual training aimed at increasing muscle mass. That is, series of high intensity, with high loads and few repetitions that concentrate the fibers a lot and help us to further develop them.

The importance of caring for food when it comes to defining

But the most important thing when it comes to achieving a perfect definition of muscle is in food. This is the basis of all good results, because it depends on the perfect condition of the muscles and the correct use of the body’s fat reserves to kill them. To achieve this, it is enough to follow a healthy diet and as clean as possible.

Be aware of proteins

Ingest the proteins needed to keep your muscles in top shape. It is advisable to eat between 1.8 and 2 grams of protein per day for every kilo of weight we have if we play sports. Depending on the intensity we can increase or decrease the dose. In this way we can keep muscles in perfect condition. If we are not able to get it through food, we can use food supplements to help us achieve adequate doses of protein.

Hydrates Yes, but Adequately

In the case of carbohydrates we must decrease the amount ingested. Do not end it never, but do choose adequate and healthier sources. Set aside refined sugars, foods with added sugars, refined flours, pasta, bread … It is best to get hydrates through fruits, vegetables and whole grains such as rice, quinoa … Dried fruits and vegetables just cooked are a good source of protein, minerals, healthy fats and carbohydrates of high nutritional value.

Beware of fats and their origin

Needless to say, saturated fats, especially those of animal origin and processed foods should be avoided at all costs if we want to achieve a perfect definition of muscle. Not neglecting meals and not going hungry is essential throughout the day. Therefore it is advisable that we plan the different meals taking into account the necessary nutrients and food processing as simple and natural as possible.

As a recommendation, avoid excessive carbohydrates in the afternoon, since the metabolism is slower and we run the risk of not burning them and accumulate them as fat in the body and not achieve our goal.