A first aid needs assessment refers to looking at the first aid requirements for a particular workplace or organisation. Employers are legally required to assess and address the first aid needs of their employees, visitors, and anyone else who may be part of the workplace.

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What should be taken into consideration?

An employer should look at the type of work being carried out on the premises and the associated risks and hazards. Health and safety are paramount in all workplaces and any risks must be immediately identified. Identifying and assessing these risks is crucial before they lead to injuries or illnesses. The layout of the workplace, including any remote sites, and the distance from emergency medical services must also be taken into consideration. Simply Business points out that even small businesses need to focus on health and safety in the workplace.

How does the number of employees affect the assessment?

The size of the workforce is important, as more employees may require a higher level of first aid provision. Employers should consider any specific risks related to the nature of the work, such as the use of hazardous substances or the presence of machinery in factories. A range of emergency first aid training courses to upskill staff can be booked with specialist providers such as www.tidaltraining.co.uk/emergency-first-aid-training-courses.

What about mental health in the workplace?

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An employer may decide that staff could be trained to identify and understand symptoms related to mental health. With the rise in mental health issues, this is certainly one area that is a priority for many companies in the UK. Ways of dealing with this include providing information or training for managers and staff, or employing occupational health professionals. Putting in place employee support programmes can also be hugely beneficial.