Our backs are made up of a series of bones that make our spine as well as the muscles and ligaments that surround this. They are all incredibly important in allowing us to move and to carry the weight of our bodies and other items as well. If you work in a warehouse or manual job you might have to move items around as a part of your work. In order to protect your back you should use a Pallet Trucks Ireland company to source equipment that will move these items for you. Damage can occur to your back if you are lifting items that are too heavy or that are awkward to move.

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Here are some of the key muscles in the back that you need to strengthen and protect to help keep your back structure healthy.

Superficial muscles – these include the Lats, Levator scapulae, the rhomboids and the traps. All of these help you to move your arms and shoulders as well as helping you to keep your spine straight.

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Intermediate muscles – these are the muscles that are attached to your ribs and aid with breathing. They help to move the rib cage to expand as you inhale and contract as you exhale.

Intrinsic muscles – these are the muscles that help you bend and extend your back as well as rotate from one side to another. They are also the muscles that stabilise your neck and head and help you to control their movement.