Thinking about losing weight, gaining strength and muscle tone without moving a finger can be tempting for many people and even for athletes who, due to injuries or other causes, can not train on a regular basis, however, this is promoted as the new pill ” fitness “is not all pink, but then we show you what no one has told you about the pill that aims to replace the exercise.

Can a pill replace exercise?

It is not the first time that we think and analyze the possibility of creating pills or pills that would have the same effect on our body as physical effort. However, recently American scientists seem to have found the key so that the pills that replace the exercise of truth are a reality.

The experiment was conducted in rodents and found that by means of a molecule the PPARD gene can be activated just as physical effort does, producing a delay in the use of glucose as a fuel without modifying the structure and functioning of muscle fibers. In the same way, a trained muscle reacts, which has already undergone metabolic adaptations typical of regular exercise.

In this way, the molecule that scientists have created not only promises greater physical resistance and / or weight loss in the absence of movement, but also changes in energy pathways that could help prevent cardiovascular disease, treat obesity and delay or control diabetes even if you lead an inactive life or do little physical exercise.

The benefits of exercise go beyond metabolic and physical changes, so that a pill can hardly replace sport

However, we forget that physical changes and metabolic adaptations are not the only effects of exercise in our body, but that movement as part of our habitual life can have positive effects on our behavior, emotions, intellectual performance and / o cognitive, among others.

Also, if this pill accentuates the sedentary behavior and the “forced” inactivity, we will undoubtedly suffer other consequences such as greater stress, worse rest or greater anxiety that can be mitigated or avoided with a minimum of daily exercise.

This is what nobody has told us about the pill that pretends to replace exercise and that we should know so as not to harm our health with its intake.

No doubt the pill that replaces exercise should be called a pill to improve physical resistance or burn calories, because beyond the caloric expenditure, exercise offers other advantages that personally, I believe can never be replaced by a simple pill or chemical compound. What do you think about it?