In many of our entries we talked about the importance of checking and reviewing nutritional labels when choosing the products that best fit our needs, but what is there to look for in a nutritional label?

A few days ago we were talking about the new Labeling Law that came into effect on June 26, where we are told, among others, products with high caloric content. But not only this data, since it is important to know how to interpret the rest of the nutritional information that gives us the labeling.

What to look for on a nutritional labelData provided by the label

  • Composition: The list of ingredients of the product or food appears, so that the ones that are in greater proportion will appear at the top of the list and will gradually decrease. In this part of the labeling we can know, for example, the quantities of sugar or salt of a product.
  • Serving quantity: The total quantity of the contents of the container will be indicated, as well as what is the quantity of a recommended individual serving. In this way we will know how many rations we will get from the package and we will be able to calculate the nutrients and calories per ration. Very important not to confuse the total amount with the lot !!
  • Caloric value: Usually the caloric value is indicated per 100g of product. It is important not to forget that this data does not indicate the calories contained in the entire package, ie if the package is 200g and we take it full, we will be taking twice as many calories from the data that appears on the label.
  • Percentage of daily values: It indicates if the product contains a high or low value in certain nutrients. It is established that it contains a good nutritional contribution if it is within the 10% -20% of the daily contribution recommended for that particular nutrient.


Although for most of you to interpret a nutritional label is something habitual and very simple, the reality is that many people neither know how to do it nor know the importance of consulting it. 

From now on no one will resist knowing exactly what they eat !!!