The TRX is one of the most valuable tools available to us when training: not only because we get to work anywhere (in the gym, at home, in a park) but also because it allows us great freedom Of movement and offers us endless possibilities in terms of exercises, even more if we combine with other implements.

The work of the muscles of the abdomen is assured when we train with the TRX: the entire core is activated to help maintain good posture in all movements. If you also want to work specifically abdomen, we can do some exercises aimed at the muscles of our central area.

Work your abdomen in TRX with these three exercisesHere we present three exercises you can do with the TRX to put your abdomen tone, do you already implemented?

Crunch invested in TRX

We put our hands directly under our shoulders and, with our feet suspended in the air, bring our knees close to our chest. In addition to the abdominal work, it is also a good workout for the stabilization of our shoulder girdle. If our wrists hurt with the passage of time, we can use handles to be in a more comfortable position.

Climbers in TRX

From the previous starting position, with the hands directly under the shoulders, we can also do climbers, alternating the knees when they approach the chest. A year in which, besides working the deep muscles of the abdomen, also we will test our coordination and our cardiorespiratory capacity. Beware of letting the hip drop to the floor.

The pendulum

Perhaps one of the most demanding exercises when working the abdomen with the TRX. The mechanics are simple: from the plank position, with your feet in TRX straps, simply took the legs to one side to another in a controlled motion, as if they were a pendulum that goes from side to side. It is a very demanding training for the whole core, but especially for the oblique ones, which are the ones that carry the workload in this exercise.

Remember TRX straps to perform these exercises must be in the longest position, allowing our whole body is aligned as we climbed the feet in the straps. If we want to diminish the difficulty a little exercise just have to take a few steps backward relative to anchor the TRX, while if we make it a little more difficult will have to move slightly.