Surely some of you have thought more than one occasion to create a craft zone at home. It can be a complete stay in which to develop DIY projects or a specific area within a larger room. The fact is that if we do a lot of crafts we end up putting together a lot of material and tools and we need to have it organized.

Everyone knows what space they have in their house to create this area of crafts and also what it needs in it, but today we will focus on some small tricks, which can be used in all of them, in the Larger and also in smaller ones, to have all the material well organized and always in an accessible way.

5 tricks to organize your craft zone and make it look nice and functionalWooden bars for washi tape

The round shape of the hollow of the tapes of washi tape, among others, we can use to organize them in bars. These bars, which can be made of wood as in this case, can be easily supported on a pair of hangers.

Narrow hooks for thread bobbins

The coils of thread can be arranged with bars, but for those with the narrowest gap we have the option of narrower metal hooks . For ribbon rolls as well as for coils, in the case of flat, large and narrow, we have the option of stacking on small shelves.

Sort all material by colors

As you can see most of the material, and the organizing elements, they are part of the same board in which can be placed almost everything we are going to need in our projects. However, if our workspace is large, we can complement with shelves. In any case, organizing by color is always a good idea so that we can find things as quickly as possible.

Bolus and rotus in glass jars

Pencils, pens or markers can be placed in glasses or glass jars. We can recycle cans of glass for this use, but they are better than glass and not cans, because we can see what they have inside and identify more easily what we need.

Tool and tool hangers

The same hangers that served to support the bars in which we placed the rolls of washi tape can also serve to hang directly on them tools and utensils such as various models and sizes of scissors.

From tip I add this other photo because I have loved the idea of taking advantage of the organizer panel to hang a plant with which to decorate and give a warmer touch to what in the background is still a workspace. Although many see DIY as something fun, when you dedicate to make them many hours each day and the hobby becomes work, you have to decorate and organize with common guidelines that we want for a perfect office.