The property prices in the UK have soared over the last year or so, as many people rush to move house during the stamp duty holiday, and places like Gloucester estate agents TGRES have been really busy! Because of this the property market has become very competitive in some areas, with houses selling for more than the asking price as people try to outbid each other.

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If you are wanting more space in your home but you don’t really want to face the property market right now, a good solution for you could be a conservatory – as well as adding space, a conservatory will also add value to your home so when you do come to sell it, it will be more appealing to buyers.

When it comes to choosing a conservatory there are a lot of different styles to choose from…

Lean to Conservatory – These are perfect for you if you don’t have a lot of space. They are versatile and simple.

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Orangery – These are classed as a conservatory but are not completely glass, which gives them a more extension-like look if you want something that looks more like an actual room.

Edwardian Conservatory – These are the traditional looking glass conservatories with decorative roofs which make a great sun-room and a pleasant and relaxing second sitting room – perfect if you want to enjoy looking at your garden whilst being protected from the elements!