Have you thought about reforming your floor and give a new image to each stay? The pastel colors are the most currently used in decoration, covering a very wide range: sky blue, vanilla, rosewood … We help create a pleasant and peaceful atmosphere, and allow us to form a large number of combinations. In this way it will be easier to change the image of our house just by adding a few accessories.

Advantages of decorating with pastelDecorate pastel

This is one of the great advantages of decorating our home with pastel tones, as support a greater number of colors in accessories. They are also very easy to combine with each other; for example, a pink flowers will be ideal with a light blue wall and a yellow curtains.

Another advantage of these pastel is that fit perfectly with most decorative styles. A sample is the vintage look, very fashionable, which requires this type of tones plus retro furniture character. Another example would be shabby chic, also very popular today.

On the other hand, as we said above, we allow us to create a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. So pastel shades are recommended especially in the bedrooms, both of marriage and children or youth, then we encourage you to rest. Moreover, they are clear provide light, so they are well – suited to the kitchen and hall, as these are two areas that are often small and dark.

The pastel colors in accessories also are suitable to achieve a nice decoration. For this we can use, for example, pillows, curtains or pictures of these tones. The flowers are also a good choice as well as rugs, lamps or small auxiliary furniture.

Finally, pastel colors offer a huge variety not found in neutral or dark, it can choose different modalities and purple, pink, blue, green yellow, among many others. As you can see there are many advantages to decorate with pastel colors If you dare to try this decoration, tell us that such was the result.