The stickers are very versatile and can be helpful for decorating a home with original features. However, there is no need to set aside an excellent choice that gives us such as murals.

Whether hand-painted decorative painting or vinyl paper; bedrooms with murals can be an excellent detail that encourages relaxation.

Here we have talked about various options in this regard and how to use them as well…

Bedroom with wall

The decor of the bedrooms is very personal, so it is important to choose elements that make us feel good or we provide a relaxing rest or feeling. A great way to do this is by performing a bedroom with murals.

It can also be an excellent choice when children grow up and suddenly the room with children’s items (bears, characters from children’s films, airplanes, flowers, etc.) are not to your liking and demanding change. In that case, a bedroom with murals can be an easy way to change the whole style of the room.

Bedroom with wallpaper

In any case, one bedroom with murals focuses attention on a central point and from there can be seen the other decorative elements (or perhaps precisely focus on the wall and not to change the other items in the bedroom).


What should be considering creating a bedroom with sophisticated and well-decorated murals? Below we provide some useful ideas.

It is important to select a topic.  This is the starting point. From there you can build a harmonious decor. You can be conservative and choose flowers or geometric shapes (points, lines, waves). It may be spiritual or a natural and relaxing bedroom with murals capture the nature, lakes, mountains. It can be edgy with something like abstract art; there is also the options youth with comic books or movies and even the option to put sports in a bedroom with murals.

Once you have chosen the theme, the colors are the second point to consider. If for example, has used nature, green colors or earth will be excellent for harmonizing the bedroom wall.

The decorative elements become important it is when. Ideally, they are intrinsically related to the murals that have been placed; perhaps the taste is for travel and has placed a mural with an airplane, airport lounges or exotic locations. An excellent complementary element could be a puzzle, buildable or on a shelf plane. With small items can be created an atmosphere that reproduces the sought with a mural.

Here are some ideas for creating a bedroom with great murals. What else you recommend?