Winter can be a hugely enjoyable time of year, punctuated as it is by the Christmas and New Year festivities. There is also very little so pleasurable as arriving home to a snug, warm house when the elements outside are doing their worst. Properly maintained central heating, however, is not just a question of comfort: it can be quite literally a matter of life and death. The following are important considerations for those requiring boiler repair in Brighton:

Boiler Safety

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Why Are Faulty Boilers So Dangerous?

Carbon monoxide – Official statistics show that over fifty Britons die each year as a result of poisonous carbon monoxide emissions from faulty appliances. This deadly gas is colourless and odour-free and therefore difficult to detect. Installing a carbon monoxide detector is useful, as is familiarising yourself with some of the “red flags”, such as blocked or damaged equipment, yellow or orange flames in gas appliances and discolouration around the boiler. You should contact a repair service if you are concerned.

Gas leaks, explosions and fire risks – Damaged, faulty or badly maintained central heating is the cause of thousands of emergency incidents each winter. These vary in gravity from the merely inconvenient to the fatal. Protect yourself and your family by ensuring your system is regularly serviced and by contacting a professional repair company if you have the slightest concern that there is a problem with your boiler, radiators or oven.

Hypothermia – Research shows that a significant number of householders are unaware of the dangers of an inadequately heated home. The government and health professionals advise that, in winter, your living room should be heated to around 21° C and the rest of the occupied house to around 18° C. Indoor temperatures which are lower than this are not just uncomfortable. They can induce various serious physical symptoms, including stroke, cardiac arrest and a host of other conditions. If your central heating is broken, it is vital for your and your family’s health to arrange for its immediate repair.

Where Can You Learn More?

The government and NHS offer guidance on keeping warm and healthy and provides information on heating, plumbing and boiler repair in Brighton.

The key is to accompany eating well, staying active and wearing warm clothing with regular maintenance of your appliances and to act the second you suspect something is amiss.