Laundry is one of those household chores that can get complicated quickly. However, apart from a complete washing machine breakdown, most laundry problems are easily preventable.

Clean your machine

While washing at cooler temperatures is a more environmentally friendly way to do the washing, it does allow mould and bacteria to build. This can lead to unpleasant smells in your machine and in your laundry. Make sure you run a washing machine cleaner at least once a month at a hot temperature to keep musty smells at bay.

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If you live in a hard water area, make sure you use a water softener or run a descaler through your machine at a high temperature at regular intervals. This keeps the internal parts such as the heating element and pump in good working order and helps keep the machine clean.

Always read the label

It’s too easy to ruin delicates by accidentally throwing them in with other clothing. While delicate cycles reduce the requirement for handwashing, some delicates require ‘wind washing’, which involves washing as infrequently as possible and relying on frequent airing. Otherwise, hand wash in cold water and use the tips suggested to help with drying.

Woollen- like Irish sweaters for men from specialists such as will always carry care instructions. Make sure you keep them and read them before washing.

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Preventing streaks and marks

If you’ve ever pulled your wet washing from a machine and discovered streaks across your garments, it will be due to poorly dissolved powder or detergent tablet, combined with an over-full washing machine. Remember that clothing needs to be able to move while in the drum. Fill the drum to not much more than around two-thirds full. Also, take into account how heavy the clothing will become when wet and make sure it doesn’t exceed the machine’s maximum load weight.

When running, the rubbing of the fabrics against one another is an important part of the washing process and ensures that all detergent has space to dissolve. Loading the machine properly will prevent streaks and ensure a better wash.