I have a clear answer to the question precisely because my kitchen is blue. Vale floor is second hand and it came well in the pack, but it was precisely one of the points that I fell in love when I saw my first home. I like it because it is blue and thus transmits energy, but also the blue is cool color and creating that balances the whole feeling of serenity. It is also quite original because many people do not dare with strong colors.

Do you dare with a blue kitchenBut my kitchen is very small, so today I also teach other blue but much larger and more striking. It is a project in collaboration with the interior designer. It is a special project because the kitchen had to serve as a domestic space for a family of five but punctually also accommodate professional chefs for events: lunches and dinners for parties, with the assistance of many people.

As you can see in the photos, the professional issue was almost over when domestic raise the design, so the kitchen is so spectacular. For furniture they opted for the fronts of intense blue, but to contrast granite countertops are in a deep black.

There is a striking element that focuses all eyes, and is the wall behind the sink of a French glazed ceramic, which gives great personality to space and at the same time softens the industrial atmosphere of the environment. What you can see in the first photo above. The island is one of the elements that are always adorable.

On the other hand block appliances, stainless steel is concentrated in a cloth wall, here it is appreciated the professional touch. Most are of the firm Kitchen Aid, the American line, ideal for the kind of industrial look that wanted to get. They are basic, but also e.g. an ice machine, a bottler vacuum, temperature whisk or a wine bar.

In particular, the wine bar, you can see in the picture above, it is in a more secluded area along with a large pantry and those bookcases that is something I miss you so much in my kitchen. I’ve always wanted to make a shelf on which to organize all my cookbooks to hand them all where they have always had to be.

I do not know about you, but after seeing these pictures I feel much more inspired to make some improvements in my kitchen. I can not hope to all problems of space, but there are always little details that can be optimized to improve, and the organization of books is certainly one of them.