The covers and stuffed Nordic are able to create a protective air chamber against moisture and low temperatures, thus establishing itself as a perfect thermal insulation, at the same time help to maintain constant body temperature. We give some clues to when buying these materials for rest.

The possibility of sleep warmer, but with a greater sense of comfort and lightness on cold winter nights is to have fillings and duvet covers quality. The percentage of down in the filling will be crucial for achieving maximum insulation. If you see yourself in the position of choosing between two different fillings down, you must know that always heat up the present a lower weight.

Duvet, your allies for winter breakBenefits of duvet covers for our break

Presented as a perfect substitute for blankets, bed covers and other similar systems, duvet covers are gaining in popularity to the point of becoming the first choice when we dressed the bed in an age like winter.

Regarding the functionality of a conventional quilt, the materials of the duvet covers perspire much better, so it is less likely that we wake up with wet bed. The latter not only thank the sheets and mattress but also our own health and wellbeing.

The duvet covers, better to the characteristics of our body fit, not to mention they are relieved by the fact of not having to bear the weight of the blanket, comforter and bedspread, among other materials rest. You must not forget that the duvet covers allow you to bet on the maximum savings, since you only need fitted sheets, without acquiring the top. At the same time, the cover without filling can double quilt during the summer.

It is also more economical to have very different covers for the same feeling that have different quilts, plus with this type of materials you can make the bed in a shorter period of time. Usually, the filling of the duvet covers not require more than a washout season, as long as you can aerate a bit in the morning in order to lose the accumulated moisture. Ideally, use mild detergent and never at elevated temperatures. For the fill wash pen is essential to use dry or dryer.

Today, thanks to the advantages offered by Internet, you can purchase materials resting comfortably as online sheets, bedspreads, duvets beds or without major complications.

What to know before buying your duvet cover?

When yourself a duvet cover, you have to differentiate between the “duvet”, obtained from the abdomen and duck feather chest. The latter is less dense, is cheaper, but also has a lower temperature regulating power.

Regarding the fiber or microfiber, you must know that it is synthetic materials that imitate the down and approaching its heat qualities. One of the benefits of these elements is that they can easily machine washable and are perfect for people with allergies. Suitable for hot environments are 150 g / m2, while exceeding 250 g / m2 are perfect for colder environments.

Some of the newer models are those cases and filled with dust mite treatments anti-mold and anti-bacterial. Nor do you have to forget the duo, reversible and with two types of weight, one designed for winter and one for summer variants.

The most desirable designs are made based on natural fibers such as organic cotton, bamboo fiber and flax, resulting easier to maintain and facilitate breath ability.

The accessories ideal for wearing a holster and a Nordic filling are cushions, quadrants and plaids. Remember that the better the down, the filaments will be longer, forming very different air chambers that keep the body heat. It will allow excellent air circulation and a faster evaporation of moisture.