Residential park homes are great solutions for those looking to downsize from a larger property to something more manageable, or even just for those wanting to feel part of a close-knit community. Over a quarter of a million Brits already live in park homes. For this reason, we’ve compiled a list of five top tips for kitting out your park home.

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1. Consider investing in some storage solutions

Whilst Park homes are picturesque and in a lovely setting, one of their main downfalls is that they don’t always provide an ample amount of space, particularly for those who love their possessions! For this reason, our top tip for someone considering moving into a park home would be to find storage solutions, be they chests or boxes that you can hide under the bed or behind the wardrobe, or even storage lockers where you can store things you may not need but don’t yet want to get rid of.

2. The bolder the better!

Make use of colour in your new home. Buy some antique furniture. Invest in quirky ornamental features – whilst the outside of the house will likely look identical to all your neighbours, there’s no reason you can’t go all out and make the interior completely unique. Experts suggest using softer colours to make your home feel more relaxing but there’s no reason you can’t add bold dashes here and there!

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3. Make sensible use of the space

Whilst we stick by our second point to invest in quirky furniture, it’s important not to cram your new property and lose that space. Save your money and purchase fewer, yet better quality items with which to adorn your home.

4. Move furniture away from the walls

According to designers, moving seating away from the walls can create a more intimate and less formal atmosphere for guests. If you’re worried about losing the space, try a few different positions to see what works best for the room.

5. Make use of mirrors

Not only do they add a designer touch, but they reflect light, making the room brighter!