You may not spend much time thinking about your roof, but without it you’d be unprotected against the elements. One of the critical parts of house design, getting the roof right means your house is well insulated and protected in all weathers.

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But never take your roof for granted – regular maintenance will help to catch any small problems before they turn into huge issues that require a full-scale roof replacement. In fact, autumn is a good time to make a thorough inspection of your roof or employ Cheltenham roofers to do it for you.

Catch the Leaks

No one wants to pay the cost of a leaking roof, yet leaks are one of the most common and easy-to-catch roof repairs. Start with a thorough visual inspection from all angles to catch any issues. If you’re confident on a ladder, you can even get up and check your roof close up or try taking a look from your neighbours’ upstairs windows.

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The good news is that most leaks are caused by simple wear and tear. That means hempstedroofing or other reputable roof contractors can get the problem sorted quickly.

Get in the Loft

As well as a thorough external inspection, get in the loft and check the installation. Are there any areas where the roof isn’t watertight? Is the chimney flashing still doing its job? Has any work on the roof like the installation of skylights been competently done?

Poor maintenance can be the single biggest threat to your roof doing its job. Don’t let a small and easily fixable issue become major damage costing thousands of pounds to put right.

Prune Your Trees

Overhanging branches can create all kind of problems for your roof, from weakening your roof shingles to falling branches cracking whole areas of tiles. If there’s any debris on your roof, including branches and leaves, get it removed now before it blocks your gutters and causes bigger problems.

Shrinking Membranes

Shrinkage of the roof membrane is another common problem that’s not hard to detect, but you will need a good-quality roofing contractor to put right. A membrane that’s shrunk can pull on the flashings, causing them to shift and be less effective or causing crazing and cracking that will need tackling as soon as possible. A professional roof contractor will put it right.